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PneumaticCraft 1.2.0

-Added FMP support! (currently not compatible with the Tube Modules).
-Added Tube Modules, old pipes will be converted. Check for any broken redstone behaviour concerning the pipes!
-Pressure Chamber Interface and Omnidirectional Hopper now auto-eject into Buildcraft pipes (Thermal Expansion to come when it’s ported to 1.7).
-Greatly improved the power system (meaning server tick time will go down).
-The Manometer can now measure a Pressure Chamber by clicking on a wall now.
-Added (basic) Waila integration (also made possible by K-4U!).
-Added new Plastic Plant textures (Thanks Rodger!).
-Added new artwork for the power converter blocks, and pressure tubes (thanks Morton00000!).
-Added Hydraulicraft Harvester support for the plastic plants (textures WIP).

-API: changed some float parameters to ints. Deprecated the old ways.
-API: Changed the IManoMeasurable interface.

-Bugfix: Update Checker ‘/pc changelog ‘ command requires permissions.
-Bugfix: High stacked Elevator Bases cause server lag.

PneumaticCraft 1.1.15

-Added support for the Forge config option ‘removeErroringTileEntities’ for when there’s a TileEntity crashing when reading a packet.
-Added config option to be able to disable the drone’s suffocation damage (though this shouldn’t be necessary anymore).

-Bugfix: Drones are randomly taking damage (was due to falling damage >.<).
-Bugfix: Creeper Plant doesn’t play the Creeper fuse sound.

PneumaticCraft 1.1.11

-Added Drone Interface recipe.
-Added Creative Compressor (needs a model/texture still).
-Added Compressed Iron Ingot and Block of Compressed Iron to the ore dictionary (as “ingotIronCompressed” and “blockIronCompressed” respectively).
-Added config option to disable the coal –> diamond recipe in the Pressure Chamber.

-Bugfix: Some crafted Programming Puzzles couldn’t be used to program a Drone (didn’t accept it).
-Bugfix: UV Lightbox doesn’t always properly update its neighbors when a change of redstone occurs.
-Bugfix: Omnidirectional Hopper exports its upgrade slot items and allows items to be placed in there as well.
-Bugfix: Pressure Chamber Interface ignores max stack size of items (pcb’s get stacked).
-Bugfix: The console gives many ‘missing texture’ warnings.