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MineChess 1.3.5

-Added Pawn promotion choice by way of a GUI.
-Rule change: Castling or breaking the ability to castle doesn’t reset the 50-move draw count.
-Rule change: Whether white or black is on turn to move is now handled as a different position by the threefold repetition draw.
-Refactoring on localizations. Forge will give you a warning about an id not in sync, ignore this.
-Changed modID and config file from “MineMaarten_ChessMod” to “MineChess”. When the old config file still exists that file is used though to preserve backward compatibility.

-Bugfix: You get the ‘castling’ achievement when you don’t have Rooks anymore and you move the King for the first time.

MineChess 1.3.1

-Added localization support.
-Added Dutch localization.
-Added Spanish localization (made by DancingPeral).
-Added the ’3 times same position or 50 turns no active move are a valid claim for a draw’ rules along with a related ‘/draw’ command, which allows players to request a draw.

-Bugfix: IndexOutOfBoundsException very rarely when activating the AI.

MineChess 1.3.0

-Added AI!
-Added the commands “/killpiece” and “/aidepth”.
-Added check for already existing pieces nearby when generating a chessboard (so you can’t generate fields ‘in’ each other anymore).

-Bugfix: Just promoted pawns doesn’t give a check/checkmate when doing so as a Queen.