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PneumaticCraft 0.1.5

-Added NEI support for the Vortex Cannon and Pneumatic Helmet.
-The Pressure Gauge on the Pressure Gauge Tube now doesn’t show up upside down anymore.
-To compress coal to a diamond, you now need 8 Coal Blocks instead of 72 Coal.

-Bugfix: Pressure Chamber won’t form.

PneumaticCraft 0.1.4

-Ported to Minecraft 1.6.2.
-Added Pressure Gauge Tube
-Added ISided awareness (you can pipe/hopper items in or out from a specific side) for the Air Cannon,  Air Compressor and Charging Station.
-A fully charged version of the Pneumatic Helmet can be retrieved from the Creative window.

-Taken out the health stat on entities as it seems to have changed a bit codewise. When I figured it out again (MCP deobfuscates some things), I’ll re-add the feature.

-Bugfix: In the Pneumatic Helmet GUI the ‘Current Air’ from the pressure stat shows a wrong number, and as a result of that the ‘Remaining Time’ in the helmet status stat is also showing the wrong time.

PneumaticCraft 0.1.3

-Added Pneumatic Helmet!
-Added Machine Upgrade: Entity Tracker
-Added Machine Upgrade: Block Tracker
-Vortex Cannons can now break (Vanilla) leaves
-Pressure Chamber recipes now give 4 blocks instead of 2 (recipes for the Valve, Window or Wall)
-Pressure Tube recipe now gives 4 tubes instead of 1
-Doubled Vortex Cannon’s volume.
-Doubled Air Canister’s volume.

-Bugfix: SMP, server crashes when the Slime Plant or the Squid Plant spawn a Slime or Squid
-Bugfix: SMP, debug messages (that are visible in the server chat).
-Bugfix: SMP, collision boxes acting weird on for instance the Pressure Tubes.
-Bugfix: Plants interfering with each other when they execute the full-grown effect.
-Bugfix: In 3D rendered blocks in GUI’s render in front of tooltips.
-Bugfix: Vortex Cannon breaking crops on client-side only (causing ghost blocks).
-Bugfix: ‘Machine Upgrade: Volume’ recipe only works with fully charged Air Canisters.
-Bugfix: Crafting Plastic only possible with Squid Seeds (instead of Slime Seeds).

PneumaticCraft 0.1.2

-Added Elevator
-Added more Plastic plants (still W.I.P.!)
-Added custom death message when you die from standing in a pressurized Pressure Chamber
-Gave the Cannon Barrel and Stone Base their models as item texture
-Changed how the vortexes from the Vortex Cannon look (still not how I like them to look though)
-Vortexes now harvest any crop they come along.

PneumaticCraft 0.1.1

-Added Pressure Regulator Tube
-Added Air Grate Tube
-Added Charging Station
-Added Air Canister
-Tweaked the Volume Upgrade recipe to include an Air Canister.
-Added Vortex Cannon (visual appearance still WIP, it’s going to look like a real Vortex).
-Added sounds

-Bugfix: Small visual bug on special Pressure Tubes.

You can download this version here.