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Please post here if you have anything to say about the IGW-Mod

6 thoughts on “In-Game Wiki Mod Comments”

  1. I am struggling on using the amadron there seems to be no information on it. i am trying to sell oil for emeralds as i need to blueprint to the printed circuit things. I right click on a tank which has 196000mb inside when i try to order it says there is not enough fluid. Is there a certain tank it requires? am i doing something wrong?

    Additionally it says fluid providing location and item providing how to i set the drop off?

  2. Is there a way to turn off that popup at the cursor when I am looking at things? It’s really irritiating, I already have WAILA for that. And it seems to slow down my game too. The config for IGW is rather short :)

  3. how do I get started on adding information to the mod? i have no experience with modding what so ever but ive always wanted something like this in game and i would love to learn.

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