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  1. I play lots of multiplayer, and I noticed that whenever I warp home a leak appears in tubes that were connected only seconds ago. When I break a pipe and place it back, the leak stops. Is there anything I can do?
    I am using the new dw20 modmack, so it may be a problem with that.

  2. I am running the Direwolf 1.7.10 pack. I have a 2×2 elevator setup with a height of 35 blocks. 2 speed upgrades in each. I have one pressure pipe running into this at 4.0 bars. Whenever I add a volume upgrade to each one it seems to cap the pressure at less than 3 bars so the elevator won’t run. Adding more input pipes does not seem to work and only makes this problem worse

  3. Long stretches of pipe lose A LOT of pressure… which doesn’t make sense in a closed compressed system, it should just take more power to pressurize it… is there a way to have long stretches of pipes or turn off the loss of pressure?

  4. How do heat up the thermopneumatic processing plant to over 300 lava just turns into obby and vortex doesn’t get hot enough or can’t seem to get it hot enough is there a trick to it just started this mod please help

    1. You probably have a lot of compressed iron blocks to transport the heat. Those lose heat as well, as they aren’t insulated. You can place (any) blocks around heat related blocks to insulate them, and keeping them from losing heat.

  5. Hi, why the elevator caller won’t work with more than a 1×1 elevator base ? Do you have some fix for this ? (Currently playing on FTB Presents Direwolf20 (v1.7.0) Minecraft Version 1.7.10)
    Example : I want my elevator base to be a 3×3 square but it detects only one floor.

  6. So I have an issue, I am playing on Resonant Rise ( and I also tried on Dire Wolf Pack, but I cant seem to find any plants, after exploring miles and miles of land I could not find a single pneumaticraft plant. Do you know if there are any conflicts with other mods that would stop the generation of plants ? I really got tired of making splash potions and wandering in the rain for seeds I am not getting :<

    1. Hello Khemvalar

      MineMaarten has changed the way we get plastics. The plants are available in the game and but you have to cheat them in if you want them. The way MineMaarten has it set now is we use oil and the refinery to make plastics.

      Here is one of the best explanations Iv found.

      If still need help find me on steam and ill do what I can
      Steam ID: Kale_Mrecer

  7. Hi MineMaarten

    Wanted to ask a favor, can you change (or is there a way) to set the thermopneumatic processing plant to be Uni-directional out put for fluid in and output, with a dispenser upgrade, I run in to the problem were the processing plant will force, what ever fluid is in the output tank in to the wrong direction causing the any system to back up.

      1. I need some help here, I got the auto eject for the thermopneumatic processing plant to empty one type of product into one barrel.. but now, I have another product that i cannot get out of the processor… I have tried stacking the barrels that does not work.. Please. help! I have plastic to make, and cannot get it out!

  8. Hey, i’m working on a Quest based Modpack partly (1/8th) based on your drones and Pneumeticcraft. Your Oil doesn’t seem to be a real fluid, does it ? like you can’t swim in it and it doesn’t have a under water texture. Am i missing something or is this intended?

  9. Love the mod! I have me a problem though…I add upgrades to a drone and they vanish – playing in FTB direwolf20 – happens a lot and I can’t upgrade any drone.

      1. :$

        Playing FTB Presents DW20 – it must be running an older version of your mod…I made my first elevator yesterday…I must say, that’s about the best thing…ever.

        I’ve also been building with your Drones and DW20s program – so awesome!

        Keep up the great work!

  10. Hi MineMaarten ~ Am enjoying this mod immensly and am very impressed by the functionality of the drones/logistics drones! I wonder if you might answer a question for me; I would like to automate tree/wheat farming with drones and am struggling to get this to work – I can get the drones to chop the trees and pick up all the wood/saplings, but I can’t get them to plant saplings/seeds. I thought it might be done with the ‘right click block’ program but this doesn’t seem to be working? Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
    Also, can drones harvest wheat once its grown?
    Thanks again for all your hard work on this excellent mod!!

    1. Ahh nevermind have figured out what I was doing wrong after reading a comment you had previously made on another site about using metadata for the seeds, and have now got my drones happily tending my fields both planting and harvesting wheat!
      Another example of why Pneumaticcraft has pretty much become my only ‘must-have’ mod on my worlds – love its utility, ingenuity and challenge, and the way it lets me tackle all sorts of projects without just handing everything to you on a plate. Love it – thanks again for all the hard work you have put into this excellent mod!

  11. I’m having trouble adding a user to the security station. one of my friends tested it and was able to add me but i’m not able to add anyone

  12. Hello Maarten.
    I have to say I am a big fan of your mod. I was sold with the elevators, they are so immersive compared to other insant-teleport solutions in other modpacks. It’s what really drew me into figuring out Pneumaticcraft and I really like how challenging it is.

    I have a quick question that I haven’t been able to find an answer too. I have a 3×3 chamber, very basic, with a single compressor. And I’ve successfully used it to compress several items.
    But when using the chamber and logging off afterwards, after returning I always find my chamber dumping all of it’s pressure. Not any of the pipes, not my compressor, not my safety valve (set at 5.0 bar, and functions) but the actual chamber. And this will go on untill it’s completely drained, if my compressor is still active, it will even drain any of the newly supplied pressure.
    The weirdest thing too is that when I break a single block of my chamber and immediately place it back, the entire ordeal stops and my chamber functions normally again, slowly building pressure again untill it reachs 5 bar and the safety valve kicks in.

    Am I missing a key component in preventing my chamber of doing this?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Occurs even when a security upgrade is in place on the chamber. When I logged back in today I was immediately met with so much f* noise (those fireworks man, god.) And the chamber was depressurizing, it even threw my lifetime-upgrade into the chamber itself, and my security upgrade vanished. How am i supposed to do ANYTHING with this mod, if the chambers are so unreliable. I really don’t understand what else I can do to prevent this from happening, or why this only happens when I relog. Do I need to have this chunk loaded permanently? It is frustrating me and my end-users to no end. Because if this chamber doesn’t work properly, what point are the gazillion plants littered on the surface.

    2. I’m still unsure what the exact cause is, but I did fix it in newer versions ;). So updating is the answer.

  13. I Seriously Need Help!
    I Can’t Get The Elevators To Work Over 2 Floors, And When I Look At The GUI For The Elevator Status It Says:

    Current Extension: 4.0 Meters
    Max Extension: 0.0 Metres

    Do I Need To Put Something At The Top Of The Elevator Frames?
    I Would Be Grateful If You Could Help, Thanks.

    *** The Mod Is AWESOME Btw***

    1. I’m having the same problem. Anyone out there know if I’m doing something wrong? I have three elevator bases and 10 elevator frames with 3 callers at the 2nd, 6th, and top frames, just in case that info helps.

    1. You can’t run things parallel (intentional). You can however do something in CC, and then execute ‘peripheral.exitPiece()’ (if I remember correctly), and the program in the drone will continue.

  14. I might be doing something seriously wrong, but I cant put items into pressure chamber interfaces. Yes I made sure they are pointing the right way. Yes it is touching an air block inside of the pressure chamber. When I pick up an item and click to put it in the item slot, nothing happens. I have also tried hoppers, with do not work.

    1. Enough pressure? Required pressure is proportional to the amount of items ( a full stack takes about 4 bar)

  15. Hi,

    Thanks for the Mod. When using CC and drones is it possible to set a unique identifier to a drone. I thought setting an name would work, but I dont see a way to “.getName” from a drone when it connects in order to be able to set a specific command to a drone….. the only way i have figured this out is for each drone to have its own drone controller.. not a big deal but wondered if it would be possible to control multiple drones with one controller.

  16. Is it possible to turn the Door base? It keep opening the door the worng way, and I can’t figure out how to rutn it!

    1. Mirror it you mean? it will do that automatically as soon as you place a door (that needs a mirrored door base) next to it.

  17. MineMaarten,
    Been working with the flux generators and the cooling on them.
    I have been able to get them using 3 speed upgrades. and with a 93% efficiency.
    My question is how do you get them to have more then 3 bars of pressure. ive looked at the ingame wikki, and on forums ect.. for more infomation but none so far has been found.

    Thanks for you help

      1. Would be nice to see some Advanced Elevator Bases for something like 20 bar of pressure, regulating it is a pain and i can never get them over 3.3 bar with 2 volume upgrades in them(elevator bases that is)

        using a flux compressor with heatsinks and regulated through a pressure gauge with advanced pcb on it and some redstone, also regulator valve down to 5 bar.

  18. I was wondering how to disable the fireworks effects when one of my pipes burst ? Is this something that is in your mod that be disabled or is there another mod causing it that can turned off ? I am playing Bevo’s Tech Pack 1.7.10

    1. It’s a one day thing, based on celebrations of some sort. It has been deleted in a not even recent version already, since it became a nuisance for more people.

      1. How do I turn it off ? It makes my screen freeze when a pipe burst or I move something to around to clean up the floor.

  19. You should just set it to manual plant instead of auto planting it self of course this is just a suggestion and nice mod keep up with amazing work

  20. Have a private modpack for myself and a few friends based on Direwolf20′s 1.7.10. Upgraded to 1.1.1 version of that, with PneumaticCraft version PneumaticCraft plants are going nuts. Have changed to false everything I can find in the config and cleared a valley area of the plants with two magnets on my person, going back over it 10 times before admitting defeat. How do I get rid of this garbage? I’d remove the entire mod at this point if it wouldn’t break our world. If there is no way to put a stop to the completely excessive plant gen I will make sure I never leave it in a pack again.

    1. ok… that’s new… *sigh*… I really was convinced I fixed it this time………… But yeah, this has been the main reason I’m probably going to get rid of the plants…
      Weird part it’s not happening for everyone, and I can’t reproduce it (so can’t reliably test it).

  21. MineMaarten – I love exploring this mod. Thank you very much for the work and design. I’m not sure this is the right forum, and I apologize for that (I get lost trying to find all the preferred locations for specific comments). I’ve been working with computercraft controls of the drones. I’ve read through the in game wiki (excellent) and have a couple of minor, possibly annoying questions. Firstly, some how on my server I’ve saved a state where the computer enabled showarea (blue box) is stuck in an on state. I’ve tried clearing it by resetting the area and restarting the server, but to no avail. Is there a file this is stored that I can manually remove it? Also, while the in game wiki suggests that addArea is a table, I can’t figure out the format to save a location as a variable. Without drowning you in syntax specifics – is there a computercraft / pneumaticcraft site where people exchange these types of details? I’ve not found it through my google searches. Sorry in advance.

    Thanks for the great mod -mjg

    1. ” Is there a file this is stored that I can manually remove it? ”
      Uhm… The shown area isn’t saved in any way. I assume _somewhere_ in the program the area is shown on startup, and hideArea() never is called.

      “while the in game wiki suggests that addArea is a table”
      Does it? It isn’t… it’s just asking for either 3 arguments (x,y,z), or 7 (x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2, areaType).

      And afaik there is no computercraft drone site unfortunately ;)

  22. hey i’m having a problem on my server. My tower is 60 blocks tall and my elevator is 4×3, the elevator callers aren’t detecting the floors… floor one detects but any others don’t. This has been tried both in a cauldron server and local as well. Pressure is 4 bar on the gauges and all bases are connected by tubes and frames all the way to the 60th block.

    1. Probably not enough elevator bases stacked on top? What does the status tab of the elevator base say on the maximum height?

  23. Hi MineMaarten. Have just started using PneumaticCraft and its rapidly become my favourite mod – so much utility and so detailed! I am having one small problem though; for some reason, I can’t craft the pneumatic engine, nor does it show up in NEI? Not a major issue, but it’s a sign of how impressed I am with your mod I guess that I am wanting to run even the bits of buildcraft I use of pneumatic power!
    Any suggestion as to why the engine might not be showing?
    If not no worries – and thanks again for all your hard work on such a fantastic mod! :)

    1. I’m assuming you’re looking at the outdated wiki on this site. If you haven’t already, install IGW-Mod ;). The MJ engines have been removed (since BC is all RF now, and there are Flux Compressors and Pneumatic Dynamo’s)

  24. hello.. i commented a huge comment before.. but i have been playing with this mod every time i started up a world.. but i have mostly been playing the 1.7.10 modpack on technic… and i been manually updating as you release the updates since it takes the modpack creator awhile to update but anyways i made a huge underground lab on a server and so you come in… you get sprayed with steam with a compressor and some pipes as if in real life your getting sanitized as you enter then you walk over and get on a elevator which i have the carpenter mod garage door setup to open when the elevator that is like 10×8 platform reaches the floor.. so the door opens and you step on and press the lab floor button and when you get to the lab floor.. elevator lights turn on and another garage door opens and like in movie scenes the overhead lights flick on one row at a time from the closest row of lights to the elevator to the farthest from the elevator and so it looks pretty awesome to have lights turn on and off when you reach a level on the elevator.. i didnt know the elevator caller emits a redstone signal when it reaches a floor and found out by mistake and was like this is so awesome and hooked up lights and doors so now it actually has a purpose for a entrance… but all my friends saw the entrance and now i have became the designer for entrances.. but again i cant thank you enough for you making this very very very cool.. and the recent heat sinks… i may or may not hooked up a huge array of a total of about 3 stacks of blocks and heatsinks to cool my compressor array for my lab… that is all… carry on with your awesome work… and love the mod tutorials.. the fact that your doing it for free and making a detailed step by step minecraft mod tutorial is amazing and really impresses me to how you dont go for money.. you go for helping other people.. you my good sir.. have my respect..

    1. having trouble regulating the temp of the flux compressor. it takes only a few seconds to overheat and stop producing pressure. even with 10-12 volume upgrades.

      1. It never ceases to amaze me… the extent to which people can be SO utterly narcissistic and self-referential. My god man… can he not think before he makes a comment like that? It’s one thing to say something like “For what it’s worth, there are a few things in your wiki that are out of date… might want to check it out (for example…. [insert specifics here]” But saying something as ridiculous as this is like me walking into my mom’s house and saying “Gawd mom, WTF? I know you have your own job and your own life and you volunteer your time to help me out… but why the hell aren’t my shoes polished? I mean… c’mon!” Honestly… I’m not a programmer or modder myself… but this kind of crap would totally make me NOT want to do it. Kudos to you, MineMaarten, for looking past that kind of thing in some people.

        1. I try to :P. Then again, I did decide to leave comments like this in here (could have trashed them), to share what I’m dealing with sometimes. And your response showed that support can come out of that, thanks!:)

  25. Hey MineMaarten,

    Awesome mod!! Everything works well, but I’ve a question about RF compatibility. You mentioned last year (July 15): “RF compatibility is planned for the short future (models are done already).”

    Will it be available in the future? :)

    1. I’ve found already a method to connect RF. Another problem is the elevator. I’m trying to open a door when the elevator reaches the floor. And close when the elevator goes away. Also I’m trying to use a button to send the elevator to the specific floor where the button is placed. But sometimes, the button activates the door and not the elevator. Is there a way to solve this problem?

  26. Love the mod!
    In my pack of mods i am useing one of them doesnt have recipes yet, so i got minetweaker and modtweaker, thought it would be great to add in my own recipes with the assembly line and compression chamber. i got the chamber and the laser and drill to work on there own but i cant get the drill laser to work. i dont really know if this is the right place to ask but i thought i would start here.

    mods.pneumaticcraft.Assembly.addLaserDrillRecipe(, );

    that is the recipe from modtweakers website, all that happens when i run it is the IO picks up the stone places it on the table then the other IO picks it up and places it bck in the chest.

    am i doing something wrong? it works when i do it with just the drill or just the laser?

    It would be gret if you could let me know what i am doing wrong or tell me who i should talk to about this .


  27. I really like this mod so far. We’ve been playing around with making elevators today, and I think you’ve added something no other mod has: I love it.
    I would like to do something more fun with doors though. The pneumatic doors are cool, bot don’t really work well as elevator doors, both as they are rotating and they open when the elevator is not there. Do you see an option of making it react to the elevator instead of player presence? I’d love sliding doors even more, but i mostly love the way everything moves in your mod. Now when i go down, i don’t get to see the doors open.

    Also, it feels as if the amounts of elevator bases needed could do with balancing. This could be either upgrades per base, or changing the formula to height = base ^ 4.
    Then 8 m still needs 2 bases, 16 high needs three bases, 32 needs four etc.

    Anyway, thank you for adding something special to minecraft!


    1. Hey,

      You could set up the doors to mimic Wooden Door behaviour. And Elevator Callers emit a redstone signal as soon as the elevator reaches the floor of the caller. You could set up something with that :).

      Elevators Bases need balancing yes… I’m thinking of simply decreasing the recipe cost.

      1. Hey im minecraftian1055 i would like to know why my pressure chamber shoots fireworks when opened and is burning fuel how can i get rid of it (by the way its an ftb launcher modpack) please reply if you can thanks

  28. I’ve been really enjoying the pneumaticcraft functions and currently have a beastly compression chamber. However, I am about to tackle a project for a tower within the town on my server. This tower will run up about 134 blocks. If the mechanics stand at 4 blocks per elevator base, then I will require 33.5 of them. It takes 10 sticks, 55 compressed iron ingots, 10 cobblestone, 20 gold ingots, 5 glass, 30 rain plant seeds (plastic), and 4 blast plant seeds (plastic). The amount of requirements for a single elevator is very steep. This is extremely drastic when ~34 of them are required, as I would need around 1842.5 compressed iron, let alone 670 gold. Am I doing something incorrectly here? If this is in fact correct, I would highly suggest lowering the number of pneumatic cylinders required as well as the amount of compressed iron ingots required for the cannon barrels. I would greatly appreciate some insight. I’m loving the mod otherwise, keep up the good work! :)

    1. Your math sounds correct. I admit that some balancing in the mod is required. Many thanks for your comment that the block is too expensive, and I think you’re right :) More people should comment on the balancing part of the mod :)

      1. That is good news. Perhaps adding more plastic instead of so many pneumatic cylinders. Or, maybe increasing the distance from 4 to 10 at the rate it currently goes. Reducing the number of compressed iron for the cannon or even altering some of the inner components required might do the trick. I understand that it is a large structure, and therefore will require a large amount of materials. Anyway, I am sure you will come up with something. After all, you did come up with a brilliant mod! :)

      1. That shouldnt be hard. If a pipe works like this:
        1. Transport speed and max distance are based on amount of pressure applied.
        2. Higher pressure means the pipe is more likely to break, as with your mod’s other pressure-based systems.
        3. I assume this would require a new crafting recipe, with pistons as part of the propulsion system. Alternatively it could be a multi-block structure with a piston in it.
        Then the pipe would be exclusively different to any other mod, and based on what you have done with this mod so far you are perfectly capable of such.

  29. um, do you have any idea why the bc and ic2 engines dont show up in creative? the config says they are activated. running version 1.7.10

  30. New to minecraft and jumped in at the deep end with crash landing. Pneumaticraft is awesome. The only item I am having trouble with is the kinetic compressor. I have been puzzling over automatically operating it, the usual have it shut off when pressure in the system gets to a preset level. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get the kinetic compressor to obey its operating parameters.

    With the KC set to “only generate on low redstone signal” and 0 bar in the system (0 redstone signal) the compressor starts fine, but as pressure builds and the advanced pressure gauge generates a redstone signal, the KC wont shut off. With a redstone signal of anything between 1 and 10 the KC keeps running. I manually shut the system down at this point (19.5bar!)

    Same scenario as above but with an initial redstone signal of 1 or more and the KC wont start.

    All I am trying to do is have the signal from the advanced pressure gauge turn the KC off when I get to 18bar and turn it back on when the pressure drops.

    Am I doing it wrong or is there an issue with the KC on FTB in Crash Landing.

    On the flip side, my advanced pressure regulator is perfectly keeping the pressure in the low pressure side of the system at a steady 4.5 with no issues.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. It sounds like you’re doing everything correct. However I’m puzzled, as no other similar situations have been reported. Also, as it’s MC1.6.4, and the Kinetic Compressor has been removed in 1.7.10 (to be replaced by the Flux Compressor), I can’t help you, sorry :(

      1. Thanks anyway. Still a great mod.I ended up adding security upgrades on everything in the system and then just doing stuff elsewhere in my base to get away from the hissing :)

      2. hi im having almost the same problem with the advanced liquid compressor it wont react to the red stone signal but if I place a redstone torch it will shut off but a red stone block wont turn it off same with a redstone going straight in but on the liqud low pressure every thing is working as it should any idea im playin the latest version of blast off on FTB this is the version of PNcraft 1.7.10-1.5.6-59-universal

  31. So I had a thought about how to deal with the desire in the community to move away from seeds, but still maintain the mechanics around plastics… what about the idea of using a vanilla plant of some kind (sugarcane?) that you smelt which gives you something (call it X) which you could combine with, say… .slime to get YOUR plastic. Then, combine that generic plastic with existing dyes of any kind to get the various plastics as they currently exist. That way (presumably, I’m by NO means a programmer) you could keep the crafting mechanics, etc that utilize the current plastics, but get there w/out having the plants. The plants do get a bit overwhelming. So that’s my 2-cents worth on it. Thank you very much for all the (free) work and time and effort that you’ve put into this wonderful mod.

  32. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
    안녕하세요? Hello?
    My name is Lime and I am running a Korean modded-server
    I went through the website up and down but I failed to find a ‘Modpack Permission’ section. [If there is I might be blind]
    Anyway I highly doubt this will be answered [ I really hope not] but I want to ask you permission for our servermodpack.
    I promise that I would not make any money from the mod and will leave a link back to here.
    Please reply (sadface)

  33. I’ve been putting together a stable Resonant Rise excessive pack, looking for mods to remove to improve stability, I was stoked about your mod just due to the thought of the new mechanic of a system based around pneumatics. After further investigation of the features of the mod such as programming/hacking and the helmet I have to say im 10x more excited to mess around with your mod. I think the latter features have enough meat to create a mod based around them in itself. Great work with this and I look forward to see more!

  34. Hi! i love penumaticCraft and ive noticed that if i place to elevators next to eachother and have the elevator controlls sitting side by side.. and i go to like floor 5.. the first one will go to floor 5 and then the next one will also go to floor 5.
    is i possible to get an update that kinda links elevators? so i only need one elevator caller but can have like a 3×3 elevator ??

  35. I’m not sure whether it’s me, or the mod, but I’ve tried seemingly everything though I can’t get drones to plant seeds (Vanilla wheat seeds). There’s no right-click programming piece (yet) and the place doesn’t seem to work as it is probably interpreting the seed as an item which it can’t place, rather then knowing it’s something it can place.

    Can you please either hurry up with the right-click programming piece, or add either a farming or the functionality to for drones to ‘plant’ (place) seeds/carrots/potatoes/etc.

    Also it would be nice if breaking a drone (with the wrench) in creative mode didn’t drone the drone (as you don’t lose it when you place it). My inventory was getting full during testing…

    1. A ‘right click block’ piece has been added recently. Also I don’t like “Can you please either hurry up” when you’re talking about a hobby. Just to point that out.

      1. Yeah… gamers need to remember that guys like MineMaarten are VOLUNTEERING their time to develop and apply their creativity (not to mention their limited TIME) to mods and games that we all enjoy playing. They’re typically not getting paid much of anything, if anything, for their work on these mods… so personally, I view MineMaarten’s response as exceptionally reserved and tame. I’d be a lot more po’d at the flippant attitude… but I’m not as stand-up of a guy.

  36. I have an issue making red plastic that is going to make me throw things and ragequit. Im playing DW’s 1.7(1.0.1) pack and trying to make red plastic..however the instant i throw the fire seed into the pressure chamber the seeds erupt into fire and i get diddly squat

    Teh Googles isnt helping me in the slightest with this issue so i throw myself at your mercy to help me with this madness

  37. hi, im playing the ultra modded survival pack with your mod in it… ive always been into like machines and factories to the point where when i get a huge thing going… it lags so much i have to start a new world… but then it started getting the same… craft a generator, mine up ores, upgrade your generators to the point where you make a bulk of them and never worry about it again… which then i run out of things to do with the mod becuase ive just maxed out my power, machines, or i already lagged out my world due to the amount of stuff going on.. but this mod… this mod i first noticed it in a pack of over 180 mods… when i saw that drone… i got very curious, watch direwolfs vids, and fell in love with this mod.. you actually have to stay on top and make sure you dont blow your machines like in real life.. i instantly loaded up my creative world and fiddled around with all your machines, drones, and all the other cool stuff. i havent used it enough to give supportive criticism but… theres kinks.. like in all mods… but you actually add options for the people to choose.. and you make it so you dont so call “finish” the mod in like a all night grind… and its so flexible your actually never done.. at the beginning i saw how you had to use tnt and said.. screw that and spawned in just enough to make the compressor and all that jazz, then i played it more and more.. then realized… that was the right thing to do in that situation.. make it so that the player actually has to be motivated and not just sit there like its a day to day activity and actually learn and absorb the fact that air pressure is alot more capable then people think… instead of airing up tires… who knew you could compress a villager and make him a mechanic? then comes all the other stuff… the item cannon, drone, elevator, and helmet… i play with a group of friends.. and ive done every tech mod there is that is popular sorta.. by far… this one.. i cant live without… the drone programming is so dummy proof it took me 10 mins to catch ahold of the concept.. and next thing i know i turn around and instead of pipes… i have air powered drones carrying stuff around… they are so smart and well coded i questioned myself… where has this been all my life… and it doesnt lag like pipes since it hides the item preview while in the drone.. and ive tested to fail how heavy i could push stuff… lets just say some cats experienced space travel from 6 compression chambers blowing up at the same time.. well.. this comment is getting long.. so long story short… you made the best tech mod there is… and i want to support you the whole way… keep it up!

      1. no problem… so ive been using it for awhile now… and ive found out that while playing on a private server and running 8 slaves (drones) at one time… i end up lagging so badly where theres a 2 minute delay to everything i do… idk if thats a bug or if its just how it is.. but i want to know there is a in game like wiki book on everything there is like rotarycraft… or is it just that online wiki hasnt been updated.. and if its the wiki… i can add on to the pages and make new wiki pages for items or can you only do that… kinda like the tekkit wiki… overall no other bugs/issues ive found.. but one thing id like to see is a wireless air tube.. just to keep the clutter down some :) keep it up!

  38. Love the mod so far! Good work so far. Had a few questions and ideas for you:

    1. Was wondering if you were planning on making the pneumatic helmet able to track blocks that are already in the world as in finding ore, clay, or liquid source blocks? Maybe a second pneumatic helmet that can be upgraded to do this so that it took longer to get?

    2. A directional valve system that you can control using redstone or another method. This would allow for more complex pneumatic systems, and would make it so you could have your system automatically send pressure to another part of the system if it reaches a certain threshold.

    3. Accumulators would also be a nice add in. I know Pressure chambers can function similarly, but why not make a smaller multiblock that could act as a pressure storage, and could be released when the system needs a pressure spike.

    4. Have you considered adding in a fluid system? Since fluid systems act similarly to pneumatic systems.

    1. 1. A couple suggestions for this came in. I thought about this myself too, but didn’t do it because it would be overpowered. However, balanced by a Nether Star in the recipe (of an ‘Advanced Block Upgrade’ I think we can manage it.

      2. You could use Regulator Tubes to do this. They are first of all directional (they’ll only regulate towards one direction). Second, if you configure them to regulate to 0.0 bar they won’t allow any air to flow. And lastly, they can be redstone controlled.

      3. I don’t really feel like I need it. First, indeed Pressure Chambers. Second, you can put in Volume Upgrades in any machine, giving it 5000mL of additional volume per upgrade. This comes down to a max of 4 x 64 x 5000 = 1280000mL extra volume for a single machine. That should be enough right ;)?

      4. I think having one power system in one mod is enough. And like you said, it’s similar, so there wouldn’t be any revolutionary features you wouldn’t be able to do with air pressure.

  39. Love your work with the pneumaticraft. i got a problem using the text. trying to stop the drones from attacking each other. what do i need to type in the text collum. MineMaarten doesnt seems to work.

    Thank You

    1. You need to put a text piece with “Drone” as text, left of the Entity Attack piece. That way you’re blacklisting drones. You can repeat this to prevent you as a player being attacked, by putting in ‘@player’ (to blacklist all players), or your username (without the @).

  40. I’m using FTB Direwolf20 pack for 1.7.10 and I can’t seem to get the pressure chamber to accept coal blocks for the 8 coal blocks to one diamond recipe. I’m just wondering if this is a bug or if it was discontinued for 1.7.10?

  41. Hey!

    I’ve installed PneumaticCraft into FTB Monster modpack (1.6.4) and I’m enjoying it a lot so thanks for all the work.

    I’ve also wanted to complain a bit about lightning plant seeds – cant’t seems to get them during thunderstomr – I see the place where the lightning stroke and the fires but never – the seeds.

    I also tried to strike myself with the artificial lightning by drinking liquid redstone via with no success.

    Is it just me or maybe it is a nasty bug of 1.6.4 ?

  42. Hey man, nice mod! I’ve got a question regarding the pressure chamber. I’ve been looking at dire’s spotlights and I’m trying to get the most basic possible system set up in the newest pack, though it seems to be bult properly, 3×3, interfaces on both sides as I noticed in one of your videos was possible, and the pressure valve on the bottom. The tubes are all connected properly. Though when I try to put in an item, the interface accepts it, but it doesn’t actually put it in the chamber. I’m also not building up any pressure at all within the system, maybe because the door for the interface does stay open on one side for both interfaces? Maybe, don’t know, but, I’ve tried putting the interfaces on all different sides, though it’s just not putting it in there. I really don’t get what’s wrong, and I’m going insane over this, I rebuilt it a trillion times, so I would really like some help. Thanks in advance.

  43. Hi MineMaarten,

    Just getting into Pneumaticcraft. Have to say I am very impressed. So many good ideas!

    Just wanted to point out a minor documentation error: For drone area puzzle you note that sphere measures from center to edge, which is actually the “radius” not the “diameter” :)


    1. Uhh that part of the sentence was supposed to make the player realize that the second parameter determined the size of the sphere (and therefore the radius, but also the diameter). However, to prevent confusion, using ‘radius’ is better. I’ll solve it for next version.

  44. hello I just thought I should mention that the electric compressor(the eu version) has a major bug. when u click any button in the gui it toggles the redstone option, this has made it very difficult for me to run my stuff on eu power, because simply entering the gui alters the redstone signal required, further more, It also randomly changes itself in the same manor. I have to constantly go check it. please fix this. thanks.

    1. Also I would like to request a simple block that allows you to directly choose the desired redstone level output to safety and regulator tube modules, its very messy having to run vanilla redstone so far just to get the perfect bar pressure. love this mod, please keep it up! thanks.

  45. Hey, I’ve just started play with pneumatic craft and i really like the hacking and security station but in NEI there are two items (network API, network data storage) and in your wiki they’ re not explained. I’m just wondering what they do…….

    1. In 1.7.10 you can use them to save your drone programs, as they can be programmed in the programmer. The Network API uses the puzzle pieces to do so, the Network Storage is free.

      Also, the wiki won’t be updated, the In-Game Wiki mod will be the main wiki. I’ll add some warnings on my wiki.

  46. First of all…thank you for Pneumatic-Craft, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite mods!

    I have a question…I have come to know Pneumatic-Craft while playing the Crash Landing mod pack from the FTB launcher. In this version for MC 1.6.4, the PC pressure tube is not compatible with micro block panels. Instead of having a hole in my walls where I am running pressure tubes, I was thinking of using a pressure chamber valve block in these locations so it makes a clean/visually pleasant transition. However I wanted to ask you to make sure…if by placing the pressure chamber valve block on its own, will it constantly “look” for other pressure chamber blocks to create a pressure chamber and thus cause lag?
    Thank you in advance!

  47. Hi I have question. What is max number of valves for one chamber (5x5x5)? I tried what looks to me as most effective setup – 4 valves on 5 sides – 20 valves total (1 valve = 1 liter and advanced tube = 4 liters right?) every side with stand alone piping and with 2 kinetic generators. Looks like only one side pump preasure into chamber while other not.

  48. Hi, I’ve recently discovered Pneumaticcraft while playing the Crashlanding tutorial map and I like building all sorts of configurations with the machines to fit the workspaces. They also look really good with the chisel blocks and go perfectly with the feel I want to have in a tech-based playthrough.

    Okay, here’s the part where I ask for stuff to be implemented, like jetpacks ;D It doesn’t have to be jetpacks, but they are so amazingly useful, and I tend to build machine-systems to support things like jetpack abilities as early as possible in the game. Also, ore smelting systems have a priority, mostly because of doubling the resources, speed, automation, and energy efficiency.

    My first build of tinkers’ construct was also in the Crashlanding map, and finding some part of it set-up in a village gets me interested and is a tangible reminder during play to gather sand, clay, and gravel :D

  49. sorry for the basic question, but how do you install PneumaticCraft? I have downloaded it and found the open folder on profile editer, I see the bin folder, have 7-zip, I see minecraft.jar, now what? thank you in advance Jay2x3

  50. First of all, love the mod and thanks for creating it. I am having problems on a multiplayer server with my elevator. It is quite stacked (about 24 bases) but when I put more than 2 speed upgrades in it, the elevator bugs out while going up. It hitches, my player takes damage and then normally it stops in-between levels. Do you know if this is a problem with the mod, or just kind of the way it is on a server because of latency, TPS, etc when trying to make it go so fast?

    1. It may also be worth nothing, the elevator and the frame are totally surrounded with blocks. Meaning, the elevator “Shaft” is just a single line, it almost feels like I am bumping into the nearby blocks.

    2. possibly yes. I’ve noticed problems with the elevator myself too, I still have to look into fixing the elevator (again :P).

  51. Hey MineMaarten,

    I just startet playing Minecraft again and plan to start a hardcore survival with many Tech mods. I just testet your Mod and it fits perfekt in my Plans !!! Very nice Mod :) I plan to use the PCBs for every IC2 and GregTech Machine and Disable your Air Compressor so you have to use Buildcraft to generate Pressure (I dont like the way all the mods exists just next to each other…my goal is to mix all those Mods so they are all required :)
    But there´s one think I dont like that much… its the same Problem I have with IC2 …its the possibility to add too much Upgrades to a machine (And also to the Helmet).
    Is it possible for you to add a config Option to change the amount of Upgrades you can insert into the Machines and eventually an extra option for the Helmet ?
    And If Minetweaker adds Compatibilitie for your mod I will add many recipes to the assembly Line … its such a great Concept !!!
    Sorry for my bad english ;)

    1. There won’t be a config option for that, it will be added in the mod itself though. It’s a task I should have done a long time ago. But it will come.

  52. Heya Maarten

    could i get an example of how the dig puzlle for pneu seeds is done
    because when i do it with two item filters on the right set to 6 and 13 the drone does nothing
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work

    1. You also need to specify an item. pick any plastic plant seed, it should be able to harvest any plastic plant at that point.

  53. I’d like to suggest a config option to lower the volume of air leaking out of a system (through safety tubes and whatnot). In my base I can hear it regulating through three floors and it’s annoying :P

  54. Hey MineMaarten. I’ve got “a” crash log for you.
    it’s server side problem. i suspect something to-do with the drone and attack entity.
    here are the crash logs
    dw20pack version .24
    DW20pack version .25

    i hope this is of some help and if you have any idea what i need to-do to fix my server your help would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hey, sorry for the inconvenience!
      I think you can solve it by deleting all drones (or the erroring drone). I think there are tools that allow you to do that before the drone has the chance to tick.
      I’ve solved it for the MC1.7.10 version, for now be careful to only create an entity attack program with a valid area (1 or 2 points set in the Area piece). It went wrong when inserting a fresh, unconfigured area piece.

  55. How about integrating steam power into your pressure generating system? IC2(brand new liquid cooled nuclear reactor) and Railcraft can provide the steam and you pipe it directly into your system, converting it when entering a pressure tube?
    And maybe somwhere in the future when pressure to MJ conversion has improved or MJ/t production is related to provided pressure(hint), your pressure tank/high pressure tank could serve as buffer for steam power!

    1. steam ≠ compressed air. I might add a compressor that runs on steam, and something that can create it, but I won’t add direct conversion between the two. RF compatibility is planned for the short future (models are done already).

      1. naaah … steam from compressed air sounds a bit spooky to me :P (where is the direct conversion logic?, air -> electicity = turbine generator, air -> MJ/RF = some kind of turbine driven force converter, but air -> steam = turbine driven friction wheel heating water ?)
        but remember the old steam locomotives, they pressurize the break system of their wagons directly with steam! In my opinion it makes sense! And the contraption that too much pressure leads to an explosion makes the regulation a task, that feels right!

      2. Actually, while Steam =/= compressed air, steam does Compress air slightly, at least the way /most/ mods handle it (1/1 bucket ratio on water to steam, meaning that it /has/ to be under /LOWER/ pressure to take up the same space, because it would have to boil at a higher temperature if it was under pressure. Basically I’m saying they aren’t taking proper laws into effect.) You could make a ‘vacuum boiler’ to turn compressed air into a vacuum with the vacuum pump (giving that thing more of a use than a glorified Vacuum hopper on steroids) and feed in water, outputting steam. Yes, it would be at a lower temperature than the ‘other steams’, BUT it would be steam, following Boyle’s law ( lower pressure, therefore more volume, therefore steam [okay so it's not quite that simple, but you get the gist]). As for steam to compressed air, most definitely doable. I’m actually working on UncompactSolars as I type this, my own mod designed to make a massive solar boiler (I’m talking this thing spans /chunks/ when complete) and implimenting the Boyle’s law effect – 1 bucket of water will produce 4 buckets of steam. Ideal gas laws state it would be closer to 2K buckets (assuming liter = bucket), 4 seems reasonable. Plus, at the maximum size of this thing, it’s going to be /devouring water/ to produce abundant amounts of steam – during the daytime. Regardless, more mods with steam as a power source are /godsends/. Makes generating power much easier, and in most cases cleaner, than having to jump through various hoops of Energy Converters.

    1. That’s awesome!
      Other ways of contacting me are via IRC (#PneumaticCraft on Espernet), (username MineMaarten) and github. The latter is the one I would prefer the most, as then the idea is at the place I’m collecting the community input already. But feel free to choose others.

  56. They do work on a vanilla version of mcpc+(that is MCPC+ with only your mod installed on it, so no permission managing plugins)

    they can pickup, break, place, kill and manage inventories

    but when you install a permissions plugin like permissions ex they are unable to break and unable to manage inventories. because they don’t have the permissions to do so.

    if they had exactly the same name as my player they would have the same permissions but somehow they don’t

    So the problem is not that the drones do not work on on mcpc+ because they do, the problem is who do i add to the group of registered user so that the drones can break and manage inventories.

    there is something awkward with the drones because the default group is not allowed to place or pickup items but the drones are able to place and pickup items.

    And again Thank you for taking some of time to look at this,
    and i fully understand it if you say that this is out of your support scope.

    and if you want me to run some more tests i will be happy to cooperate.

    1. The thing that makes it hard for me is the fact that I don’t have a full understanding of how the protection mods manage the rights. So when I implement code to respect the rights I just can hope it’ll work.

      Now for the pickup items case, I haven’t implemented something that respects the protection mods, so your result sounds plausible. ‘place items’? If you mean place blocks, that should respect protection…

  57. Hi Maarten,

    I use the PneumaticCraft version that is included in the Direwolf20 modpack (1.1.4c)

    and i wonder if your drones use a fakeplayer because they are not allowed to break things on my server,

    i know some modders don’t like the use of mcpc+ so that you can run mods and bukkit plugins at the same time on a server.
    So no hard feelings if this is outside of your mods support

    But if they use a fakeplayer i would like to know the name of it.

    and thank you for making such a great mod.

    1. Drones use fake players, yes. The name of the fake player should be exactly the same name as the player who placed down the drone… However, I heard that that didn’t really work with MCPC+…?

  58. So, first things first I want to say awesome job on the mod! Also my mates and I have been trying to set up a electric compressor with a input of 512 eu/t and was setting up a security upgrade for the first time (builds up too much pressure so needed a “runoff”) and we cant get the thing to work.. it explodes every single time we run it. We tried redstone method (what you do with safety valves) And get the same result, EXPLOSION! We have been making electric compressors and said upgrades for a few hours now and just dont know what were doing wrong.. In short how do the security upgrades work when they add in a safety valve?

    1. The security upgrade will disperse any air up till the maximum the machine can disperse normally. This means for the Electric Compressor it can disperse up to 200mL/tick. This can be stacked using multiple safety upgrades. Look in the interface of the Electric Compressor to see how much mL/tick is being generated. Say it’s something like 543 mL/tick, you’ll need 543/200=2.x = 3 upgrades.

      Also, try in creative singleplayer first ;)

  59. I love the mod so far and after watching direwolfs spotlight and lets plays i cant wait to get in to it more. I am not an expert in the lua programming language. ive been trying to figure out the code that dire uses in his forgecraft world that allows the turtle to pick up a pcb from the acid, the compare it to a finished one in a slot in the turtle and the place it back if it doesnt match. can you help with that and if not point me in the right direction.

  60. I really like the mod overall but the planting system is infuriating at best. I can rarely plant seeds manually let alone automate them. This mod would be awesome if it weren’t for the planting mechanic.

    The propagation techniques are still cool and I wouldn’t suggest dropping them but the actual planting it pretty annoying.

    I really look forward to using some drones as they look super cool (if I can ever get the plastics to use them!)

    1. I completely agree with you on the plant mechanic. I understand that he wanted to do something different with the plants, but having to drop them…..

      The ONLY reason why i have not gotten into it is because to the plants. Nothing else – which has indirectly discouraged me from playing crash landing.

  61. Hey This mod looks very promising, and as a (former) fellow student of electrical engineering I applaud the way you did the drone programing… simple like programing a PIC in FlowCode. Computercraft’s Turtles should have been like that…

    BTW you should get out of EE, most of it is now outsourced to India and there are no jobs ;p


    1. Cool! Well, to be honest, Drones can’t replace ComputerCraft turtles. With turtles you can do much more. But, for people that don’t like the programming, there are drones :).

  62. Hey there MineMaarten,
    I’ve been enjoying your mod ( very much ) so far.
    I just have one question I would like to have answered.
    Support for 1.6.4 was dropped? Are you only updating / fixing bugs on 1.7.2?

    I came across the ‘bug’ / issue, of the stacked elevator bases killing the TTS on my game. Would like to know if there’s any chance that will be fixed on 1.6.4 or if I should just wait for the pack I’m playing on to fully update to 1.7.2.

    Anyways. Your mod is amazing. Many new challenging things. People that I play with just love it. It’s useful, hard, and entertaining.
    As for suggestions, I know you’re thinking of adding some new air compression methods, please, do. The MKI Air compressor is really slow and depressing if you’re getting into more complex systems
    * Maybe adding the possibility of using liquids as fuel, I noticed I can send any blocks or liquid containers into your machines, but as far as liquids are concerned, it doesn’t work. Don’t know if you want it that way. But it would be nice to just place a fluid duct under some compressors and that’s it.

    That’s it. Thanks for your hard work, and keep it going.

    1. (wow, I totally missed the comment)
      Yes, on 1.6.4 I’m not planning anymore builds. The TPS bug with elevators is known. This is due to the core of the mod: the power system. I’ve rewritten that in the 1.7.2 versions. Though, as this was quite a bit of work, I’m really not feeling like redoing it in 1.6.4. Sorry!

      Adding more compressors is coming, I’m just thinking of creative ways of generating power (solar and liquids are overdone in my opinion). Though, if I can’t think of creative ways you’ll probably see the conventional ways.

  63. I dont know if it’s just me, but I think the .getPressure() command to get the pressure-reading with Computercraft is broken….

    Here is what the code looks like:

    p = peripheral.wrap(“left”)
    while true do
    x = p.getPressure()

    But when i run the program it says:

    test:3: attempt to index ? (a nil value)

    Am I just dumb or is the Computercraft Integration broken?
    I’m using Computercraft 1.63 and Pneumaticcraft 1.1.4e

  64. Hi, and thanks for your help on an earlier post. :-)
    I had a thought, feel free to shoot it down…
    In relation to viewing inventories using the the pneumatic helmet. Could this be done using a key binding?
    For example, you would only see the contents of a chest by focusing on the green title, and then pressing ‘g’.
    The reason I’m asking is that when I’m walking around my house, I can’t look where my chests are while wearing the helmet. It seems to be rather resource intensive to gather the inventory information while simply walking past.

    1. Hey, a revisit to Helmet is next on my list. So your comment is just in time :P. Plans are to be able to disable/enable modules as you like. This would be possible using the menu (that you can see by pressing ‘F’ by default). Players also would be able to bind a key to it if they like (have keys to spare :P). While I’m doing that I could implement your suggestion. However, a lot of optimization can happen with that resource intensive process, so I might as well optimize instead.

  65. Buwahahaha… I am thinking that before I complete the ritual to activate a division sigil, I may create a fleet of attack drones to deal with the monsters that spawn as I accumulate cursed earth.

    1. Or insert a good (silk touch enchanted) dirt digging tool in some drones and make the drones dig cursed earth ;P (filtering on cursed earth only using an Item Filter piece).

  66. A couple things I noticed, after just getting into it:
    -add integration with Forge Microblocks, pretty please? I want to cover the tubes running every which way, with stone covers, like I can with cables/conduits/fluiducts.
    -can we get a shutoff valve? Before I had access to rain plants (and thus pressure chamber interfaces), every time I broke my chamber to get something, pressure went to 0, and I had to re-feed the compressors with coal. Which is fine, its how it should work. But when I just want to alter the chamber, without actually compressing items, I’d like to shut it off from the rest of the network, so it doesn’t draw air, without having to mine out my tubes and seal it with more tubes in a circle.

    Shutoff valves are probably useful in many more situations than that, but that’s the first that came to mind.

    1. FMP: Coming, 95% done I’d say :).
      shutoff valve: I think you could use an Regulator Tube for that, and apply a redstone signal of 15 making it only allow to pass 0 bar = shutoff. But I might just add it when I’m adding FMP support (as it’s really easy to do now :D).

  67. G’day, I’m quite excited about where this mod may take me, but I’m having trouble getting started.
    I have a 5x5x5 pressure chamber fed by 3 compressors, and it all seems to work ok until I try to use it.
    I put plastic seeds in, close up the hole, and wait for the pressure to build. My problem happens here. When the chamber reaches the desired pressure, the seeds disappear, and nothing is left in their place. It doesn’t seem to matter what variety of seeds I use, its the same each time.

    If you can shed any light on what might happening here, I’d be most grateful.

    1. The items in the pressure Chamber are just ordinary items. This means they’ll despawn in 5 minutes. To prevent this from happening you need an Item Life Upgrade, which you can insert into the Pressure Chamber. This will pause that 5 minute timer.

  68. For the pressure chamber, volume in was 1k liters/sec with one valve. So I routed a network of 8 valves using 2 sides of a 4×4. Still 1k liters/sec, even though I increased the number of valves by 800%.

    Also, as of the current build, I tried twice to compress a normal villager into a mechanic on a multiplayer direwolf20 server, and both times, I crashed the server as soon as it hit 1.0 bar.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean with ’1k liters/sec’. Anyway, adding Pressure Chamber Valves don’t _multiply_ to the original volume, they _add_ to it. So The volume would be 16000 * 8 air blocks + 1000 * valves mL.
      As for the crash, I can’t reproduce it, I really need a crash report..

  69. Okay switching to pipes on output solved my issue. By the way I’m sure you know by now but FTB has your mod included in the Direwolf20 modpack now. I would still think about making the input and output not require something to load/unload items though to make it easier for new or younger players.. I still think that’d frustrate them to no end. Thanks for everything man and keeping up the great work with your mod.

    1. Yep. The dilemma is that some output items can be used as input for others, take the Iron Ingot –> Compressed Iron Ingot, and the Compressed Iron Ingot + green plastic –> PCB recipe for example. So for a ‘dumb’ interface it’s hard to determine if an item should be taken out or not. For now you could use multiple outputting Interfaces. Maybe a block that makes the items in the Pressure Chamber act like it’s part of its inventory might be nice later. It would work like this:

  70. Hey I watched the Direwolf20 mod spotlight and have been playing around with this mod for a bit and ran into an issue. When you’re trying to craft something that involves multiple items the interfaces work against you. It doesn’t insert things fast enough. So as one of the items goes in it gets sucked out by output before rest of items get added. Is there something I didn’t see about putting multiple items in at once to craft things like PCBs and rotor blades? I can’t just manually throw them in either cause they get sucked out long before the pressure rebuilds to craft whatever it is. Do I need multiple inputs to put the items in together? If I shut the output off it eventually makes the item but due to construction of chamber and the way interface has to have an adjacent storage that makes it difficult to reach interface without tearing chamber apart.
    I love this mod so far but is making it difficult to progress.
    Can you tell me what I need to do here or maybe make it so the interface has several slots specifically for when crafting a multi- ingredient item?

    1. You can set an filter on the outputting Interface. If you for instance want to create PCB’s, I’d set the filter mode to ‘item name contains’, and type in ‘pcb’ (case insensitive). And then put in your ingredients via the inputting Interface. The items will be put in sequentially, but only PCB’s will be extracted out.

      1. I’ve used the filter before to make the items, but after leaving my comment last night I played around some more and realized what was bugging me. It’s the fact that, by design the interfaces need an intermediary to be loaded. You can right click to open the interface be it in import or export mode but once that menu is open you can only change settings in the interface. I can’t put an item stack or single item into the slot that represents the chamber doors or remove them from the export interface. So because of that I’m using hoppers. Your new omni-directional hopper is great for the import interface because I can still interact with interface but I can’t mess with the output interface. So to change the filter setting on output I have to tear a piece of chamber wall out (which also throws my chamber upgrades back at me) to access it. Can BC pipes or logistic pipes be used to unload the output interface I could click it without opening the chamber then at least which would make it easier.
        However I guess my ultimate point is my friends and I have built a huge system that uses Thaumcraft, Bc, Logistics Pipes, and a bunch of other mods for autocrafting/mining so we’ll do what it takes to get what we need with your mod, but for a younger or less experienced player not being able to manually load/unload the interface when you right click into it might be frustrating and confusing making them not want to mess with it. Which would be a shame since your mod has some awesome applications and features.

  71. So, I am not that familiar with PneumaticCraft, except that I am learning quickly on it, and I have to say that it is a really awesome mod. Other than that, I heard that it had compatibility with ComputerCraft, and I am trying to use that in a system created by direwolf20. He created a system to stop the pressure chamber when it was getting to a critical point (As far as I believe), and I tried copying it to my server. For 2 days now, I have been trying to figure out the code, and I copied it exactly as he did, with the same pressure chamber setup as he did. So what I have is what he has, and it still doesn’t work. I don’t know if this is due to an update between my server (Running on the Direwolf20 modpack in the FTB launcher), and the one on the forgecraft server (Also on the FTB launcher I believe). I don’t know if I should post the code here, but I will anyways since I haven’t found any rules on it. The code is as follows:
    p = peripheral.wrap(“back”)
    while true do
    x = p.getPressure()
    if x > 3 then
    rs.setOutput(“left”, true)
    rs.setOutput(“left”, false)

    Now, I am not the best with code, so I don’t really know what this means, but if you need to know why it isn’t working, this is what it gives me when I attempt to run the program:

    pressure:3: attempt to index ? (a nil value)

    I know that the pressure at the beginning is the program, so that I know is correct. If you need to see anything else from dire’s system, here’s the video:
    Please try to help me as much as possible, and as fast as possible. Thanks! Also, sorry for the long comment, but it’s the only way I could type the code and get the information out.

    1. Do you have a pipe right behind the Computer like DW has? It doesn’t seem like it after seeing the error message that has been given back to you.

        1. Oh I derped! The video of DW was from ForgeCraft 2, Minecraft 1.7.2. I’ve added ComputerCraft support on Minecraft 1.7.2 only! You’ll have to use the manual way: Pressure Gauge Tubes (bottom of the page).

  72. 1. The security station’s wiki page does not tell what Network API or Network Data Storage are. Do they do anything now?
    2. Have you ever thought of horizontally bigger elevators?
    3. Maybe an upgrade to remove the noise that a machine makes?
    4. Wouldn’t be cool if in the pneumatic helmet that has Item searcher and Block traker you have an option to search for a placed block?
    5. What is the difference between pressure and air? I really don’t know nothing about pneumatics.
    6. Can you post your ToDo List?

    Anyway keep up with this great mod!

    1. 1. They don’t. I had added them as that would make the set complete (from Deus Ex’s version). If I will add them they will have a similar use as the Deus Ex version: giving extra rewards or influencing the currently hacked network. I’ll add those in worldgenned Security Stations (still to come), and maybe I’ll even decide to replace random nodes in (user created) networks by the Network API/Network Data Storage. That still needs to be worked out.
      2. Yep, it’s in the top 3 of most requested features :P. It’ll come :P.
      3. I actually thought about just adding a config option to disable certain sounds.
      4. Nothing’s impossible, but I think this is pretty hard to do.. Especially considering that I don’t think it will be _that_ useful, I don’t think it will happen :(.
      5. air and pressure are two related things. They are certainly not the same, but they are related. The third thing you need to complete the relationship is volume. Say you have a bicycle tire and you want to pump air into it. Everytime you go up and down with the pump a certain (and constant) amount of air goes into the tire. As you’ve put more air in the same volume (in the tire), the air applies force to the tire as it doesn’t want to be there: pressure. The amount of pressure that is increased for every pump movement is dependant on the size of the tire. You can imagine that it will take more pump movements to inflate a truck tire. So the bigger the volume, the slower the pressure will increase for the same air input.

      Let’s relate this back to PneumaticCraft:
      The Air Compressor has a rate of air that’s being generated 10mL/tick (without Speed Upgrades). Let’s say it’s connected to another Air Compressor opposite to it. The total volume of those two machines can be added, making it 2000mL + 2000mL = 4000mL. To double the amount of air (that’s called an increase of one bar) in there, you’ll need another 4000mL pumped into there. So that’s 4000mL / 10mL/tick = 400 ticks worth of pressure, which is 1/4 piece of coal (as that runs the Air Compressor for 1600 ticks).

      Now let’s say you want to connect up an Air Compressor to a (3x3x3) Pressure Chamber. The total volume equals 2000mL + 17000mL = 19000mL. Now you’ll need an additional 15000mL to create double the amount of air being in there. So you’ll need a total of 19000mL / 10mL/tick = 1900 ticks, which is a little bit more than one piece of coal. You see here that with a bigger volume, you need more _air_ to make the _pressure_ go up. This sounds bad, but you can also use this principle to store energy, as it also means that it’ll take more air to make the pressure go down. I hope I explained it in a way that you were able to understand it..
      6. You can see part of it here. Though not everything that I’ve got in mind is listed here, as there are quite a few things I still want to keep a secret for now ;P.

      1. So whats the ratio between mL and bar ?
        Also in the tab about the digging puzzle in the programmer it sais that you can equip the drone with a pick. I’ve tried putting it into the charging station, I’ve tried to use Inventory-Import and I’ve tried to use the pickup puzzle, it gets the pick, but then it just gets stuck.

  73. Yeah, that’s exactly what I was meaning – a “right-click” puzzle piece would be just the thing. That would allow one to pick berries… the trickier part of it will probably be how to get the drone to start and stop… for example….. depending on the size of the area that you tell it to “right-click” in (say, a 2x3x15 area of blueberries), your berry bushes could start to re-grow berries before it’s all done… so you’d need to be sure that it has a way to deliver the picked berries (potatoes, carrots, etc) to an inventory before the crop re-grows.

    1. I was planning on adding some kind of conditional system (do this if that), though that’ll be quite some work and needs the programming space in the GUI to be increased (using scrolling) as well. So that’ll be a big thing to do, but will come.

  74. At first I wasn’t too sure about the mod because the plants seemed a bit annoying… didn’t know they’d have a purpose, which I understand now, so I think it will be cool.

    One thing that I’m curious about is using drones to harvest – is there a way to use the drones to do this that doesn’t break blocks?

    1. How would that work? Not sure how you meant that, but if you mean a ‘right click’ puzzle piece, that’ll come :).

  75. Was thinking a way to generate RF from air pressure would be quite useful for linking Pneumaticraft with Thermal Expansion. A Pneumaticraft RF Dynamo would work.

    But then it struck me. TE has a dynamo that can use steam. So why not a Pneumaticraft steam generator instead. Uses vacuum and water to create steam. Cause if you create a vacuum over water it flash boils.

    Benefit of using a steam generator instead of directly generating RF is that the steam can be used by many different mods already, Thermal Expansion, Railcraft, and Factorization just to name a few. So power conversion can be done with this one single block into many different forms of power simply by using the machines already in the other mods.

  76. Hi.
    amazing mod. thanks for it.
    I’m trying to put 8 coals inside the chamber pressure using pipes logistics. either passive module as the supply pipe. Filtering by coal and establishing the value of 8 carbons in the barrel. However, this system is continuously putting coal inside the chamber. several stacks of 64. tried also with the hopper. same problem. Any tips?

  77. One more thing, I have it so when their tanks get low they will go and charge automatically. When will they get back to their job?

    Love your mod by the way :D

    1. They should continue when they can’t be charged anymore (pressure in the charging station has equalized with the Drone).

      1. Thanks! You are the best mod maker ever. Not only do you have an amazing mod, you will help ANYONE when they are having issues, it dont matter if its something like placing a block wrong or an error code! :3 :D

  78. okay thanks! :D

    Whenever I install build craft it crashes.
    I’m not smart enough to install mods I use Skydaz’s website.

  79. Is there a way to get the charger up to ten bars? the pipes explode at 7 bars. I cant install buldcraft or anything like that, so anything I can do in ONLY this mod? (btw I’m trying to charge my drone)

    1. Yeah, using Electrostatic Compressors. Though I know lightning is hard to come by, more compressors will me made later. Though you could combine them in a set up with Lightning Seeds ;).
      And you don’t need 10 bars for Drones, they work on lower as well. They just can’t fly that long as with their full 10 bar.

  80. hey, i love your mod, being a programmer i understand the pains involved. just one question, is there a way i could help in development? like just stuff. please? i dont need any credit or something, just the satisfaction would be enough!

  81. I think the bug is there because that the drone stays for half a tick or something like that after you click it and the item form of it drops and if that is in the area of where the drone is allowed to pick up stuff it picks it up before diapering. But i can be wrong.

  82. Hi,

    I have played around with the drones and i have some questions.

    1. If i don’t have specified anything in the item filter when i try to pick up the drone it seems like the drone picks up itself (if that makes any sens) and i lose the drone, is that right?

    2. is there a way to charge the drones without having to pick them up or do you need to pick them up i order to charge them?

    3. I have tryed to make an animal farm but the drone keeps killing the babes, I can’t seem to make it not do that, is there away to do so?

    I think that was all.

    Over all a great mod and i really are looking forward to be playing more with it. :)

    1. 1. I think you might have found a bug, and I think your scenario is plausible. I’ll fix it ASAP.
      2. There is. If you have a Charging Station with Dispenser Upgrade inserted (makes it a ‘charge pad’), a Drone will automatically go to that when it’s pressure gets below 1 bar, and will stay there charging until there’s no more air to get from the Charging Station.
      3. Currently it isn’t possible to filter on things like that no.. But never say never.

      1. For your animal farm I’m not all that good with the mod (still a noob) but if there is one thing I know its redstone, I made many auto farms. Just remember that babies are a slab high and the adults are 1 block high. Do as you wish with that.. ;)

  83. Hey guys!
    I also had the issue with the download not working correctly. I use the newest firefox btw.
    To fix the issue I right clicked the adfly button and saved the link as.
    then it saves the file as a file with double extensions .jar.txt
    all you need to do then is locate the file and remove the .txt extension and you have a working jar file.
    Btw you have an amazing mod here, it has got me playing minecraft again for the first time in two years. Thumbs up to you buddy and I look forward to your continued work on this amazing mod!!

    Cheers jonojr

  84. Hello!

    i just finished watching Dire’s mod spotlight for Pnuematicraft.

    Overall, the mod, while still in its development stages, looks and feels pretty good. It has great promise to be a very popular and powerful mod in the future.

    I would like to help you with that endeavor, and since I could not find any ‘contact the author’ sections, I figure that this would be the best and only way to do so.

    I am a graphic designer in my spare time, and also have many connections to several talented artists. I would like to offer my services to you, be it designing visuals for your future work, or assisting you by giving reccomendations in whatever mannor. This is would be a free service, and am doing so simply because I would like to see this mod go as far as it can.

    If you are interested, simply email me, and we can discuss further anything that you can think of.

    I look forward to hearing back from you soo.

    1. Hey,

      i just finished watching Dire’s mod spotlight for Pnuematicraft.

      Hacks ;)! Part 3 and 4 of the mod are still to come ;).

      About your offer: As you probably were able to tell that graphic design isn’t my strongest talent :P. So your offer sounds really great and is exactly what I need at this point :D! So I’d like to take it with both hands!

      I’ll send you a PM this evening (for me in about 12 hours from now), or you could join me on IRC this evening if you’re active there: #PneumaticCraft on Espernet. If not, a PM will be incoming ;).


      1. Hey!

        That is great!

        In some cases, I am a technological introvert, and in others I am a master. <..> So if, when you say PM me, you mean email me; that would be great! And if you mean something else, then I am lost. :P

        I am just saying that until we figure out a voice chat, the best use of both of our times (in my opinion) would be to use email.

        I guess I am old fashion in the fact that IRC is still a little confusing. (SERIOUSLY how do you connect to those things!) hehe.

        Anyway, thank you for accepting my offer and I look forward to hearing back form you soon!

  85. hey.
    When i try to download the latest version of the mod, i get a screen full of symbols that looks kinda like code. idk. but it doesn’t start the download and i cant really do anything. please help.

  86. I just have one question and that is if you can explain to me why, when I have an open (leaking) network that it spams fireworks rather than the normal air leak? To explain, if I break a pipe and thus cause the network to have an uncapped end allowing pressure to escape it creates and fires HUNDREDS of fireworks per second until the pressure in the network is gone and no more air is being moved.

  87. what if you could use the pneumatic helmet as a module in the modular powersuit helmet (from modular powersuits mod) so that you could have them both on at the same time?

  88. Hi there!
    1. I wanted to make a suggestion to add a config option to limit the amount of upgrades you can put in each machine/tool I was playing around with your mod and tried the pneumatic helmet with several range upgrades in it and at that point I could see things from several chunks away which felt quite over powered.

    2. I’d like to ask for your permission to use this mod in a private mod pack.

    1. Hey,

      1. Sounds good. I thought about a hard-coded limit, but I might as well make it configurable. Configure all the things! (will do it for the MC1.7 versions only though).
      2. Sure, go ahead :).

    2. 1. Oh btw I forgot, it isn’t that overpowered, try going in survival. Your Pneumatic Helmet should lose air very quickly! But still a cap is needed, more for lag reasons.

  89. I have found yet another bug with elevators, when a large amount of elevator bases are stacked, it causes the server thread to hang.
    See the following is a jvisualvm snapshot:

  90. It would be nice, if you could synchronize multiple elevators to act as one, so you can make elevators larger then 1×1 and control them using elevator callers.
    Also is it possible to make elevator callers output a redstone signal so we can make elevator doors?

  91. Hey amazing mod you have here

    I recently got into this mod and I have lots of fun with it, I also noticed that there’s not that much info about the tubes and their effects in particular. So I did some experimenting for a day or 2 and wrote down all the data that I got from experimenting. I think you can use this data to put somewhere on your wiki and I might make a Youtube tutorial about this as well when I have the time.

    But before all that here’s the data that I collected:

    I couldn’t get the data on the “air grate tube”[suction] and the “advanced air grate tube” because it kept crashing my game.

    Have a great day!

    1. Every special tube has a redstone relation by way of a formula. I’ve put the formulas for every tube on the Pressure Tube wikipage. However, for the people that not like to work with formulas/maths, it is probably good to also put a table on the wiki. To make it easier for yourself: Right-click a tube with a ManoMeter, it makes it easier for yourself ;).

      I’ve looked at your data, and it’s right in general. There are some things that are not right though, you either have made some typo’s, or found some bugs:
      -Some data needs to be inverted (the pressure is the lowest at redstone level 15, and the pressure is the highest at redstone level 0).
      -With the (Advanced) Safety Valve Tube, it’s weird that the threshold is 0.5 (or 1.5) bar at redstone level 0, 0 bar at redstone level 1 and 0.5 (or 1.5) bar again at redstone level 2.
      -It’s strange that the Pressure Regulator Tube has the same threshold for the first 3 redstone levels (0.5 bar).
      -The max Elevator Height jumps 8 blocks (instead of 4) when you go from 2 to 3 Elevator Bases.

      Finally I’d like to say that the starting point of 3.5 blocks with the Elevator is going to change into 4 blocks next version, to make the formula easier and better understandable.

      I appreciate your in-depth research!


  92. I really like this mod, but however you need some advertisement. I see only 1 vid on your mod and that’s icedrug20′s vid. You may want to ask direwolf20 or some of the larger youtubers. Other than that I think this is a great mod and keep up the good work!!!

    1. Thanks! And I think you’re right about that I need more advertisement. I’ve actually sent Direwolf20 a couple of PM’s but he didn’t respond. Maybe he will if more people ask him to do a spotlight of this mod. If you could be one of them that would be great :).

  93. According to your wiki, you need to place a villager in the pressure chamber to make a mechanic villager. I tried this, and it didn’t work. The pressure chamber says there is an invalid item in it.

    1. This is true. The villager has to be in the Pressure Chamber as well as a pressure of 1 bar needs to be applied. At that point the Villager will take damage and will instantly transform into a Mechanic. The fact that the Pressure Chamber says that it has an invalid item is a visual bug: The Villager conversion isn’t registered as a real recipe in the Pressure Chamber. I’ll take a look to solve it.

  94. For the production of electricity, why not create a kind of lightning (either block or 8×8 building block) that would have a very high resistance ( a billion hit points with 1000 points losses impact) and would also have the unfortunate tendency of caught lightning with great ease (In fact , the block attracts lightning systematically …) ?


    For the manufacture of block I have no ideas particuliaires therefore , for the moment, the block is available ” free ” no matter the game mode …

    The Lightning possesses no tanks , does not require any improvements and is compactible with mods who know managed the electricity ( the mod mekasism for example)

    The block MUST carried the words ” Work In Progress ”


    Entry : No restrictions

    Output: 15 KW and 120 volts so as not to accidentally destroy the other machines

    Losses: For obvious reasons, that is not too easy, the energy loss is 5% block away (and if your machine is a 10-block lightning, energy loss is 7500 watts or 50 % of the energy produced by the arrester)

    Other: I have no more ideas for the moment ! ;)

  95. For the next version of your mod, I suggest a few extras ;)

    The number of slots available on ALL machines increases of four ( 4) to six (6)

    Removing the elevator frame to be replaced by an “upgrade elevator” ( same operation as the “upgrade volume ” or ” speed upgrade ” ) allowing to overcome the current 7 meters 50 ( the new maximum height is 64 meters and those for performance reasons )

    Adding a block “call” to Redstone with raise / lower the elevator one floor data that has been defined in a user interface
    (eg , I’m on the ground -floor and I want to create a floor block 10 above. I place the “call elevator ” at the bottom and then on the ” ground floor ” interface I defined and I do the same block ten highest and called “first floor” and so on up to the limit of the elevator )

    Increase airflow to the “big” compressors ( those that support up to 20 bar) without impacting the energy consumption …

    This is everything I have for the moment ;)

    1. The number of slots available on ALL machines increases of four ( 4) to six (6)
      I’ll leave it at 4, because of the reason that I like the idea that people are going to have to decide which upgrades they put in (if the machine supports >4 upgrades anyway).

      I have some ideas regarding the Elevator to increase it’s maximum range: The ability to stack them on top of eachother, so two on top of eachother equals a maximum extension of 2×7.5m = 15m. The Elevator call block is a neat idea though! (added it at my to-do) Thanks!

      Increase airflow to the “big” compressors ( those that support up to 20 bar) without impacting the energy consumption …
      Tier two machines can, apart from that they can support up to 20 bar, transfer air at a higher rate (200mL/tick instead of 50mL/tick). I’ve only added one tier two compressor at this time (Electrostatic Compressor) which produces 200,000 mL instantly when struck by lightning. I’m planning on adding more different ways of producing energy, but it’s hard to come up with ones that aren’t used in other mods as well (think of solar, geothermal, wind (although I’m planning on something wind related)).

      If you have any ideas of creating energy, let me know :) .

      Thanks for your feedback!

  96. Hi !

    After some tests, it’s fully working but, sometimes, I obtain the message in the windows log: “items XXXX as no items ?!?”

    Also, if I want to operate the elevator for example, I must build a lot of air compressor for a rather low gain air compress …

    And time have the conditions met, the system explodes … Despite the presence of valves!

    If you could increase the capacity of EVERY machine and add a valve to all machines that would release the excess pressure when the pressure is too high, it would avoid the system explodes quickly ;)

    For forklifts, frames elevator beings should installed via the interface of the forklifts and not raised above …

    If I have other comments, I’ll let you know ;)

    1. After some tests, it’s fully working but, sometimes, I obtain the message in the windows log: “items XXXX as no items ?!?”
      Yeah, that’s a bug that has been in from the beginning (of PneumaticCraft). I haven’t found the cause of it yet, it’s on my To-Fix list, but as it isn’t that harmful it’s not on a high priority now.
      Also, if I want to operate the elevator for example, I must build a lot of air compressor for a rather low gain air compress …
      And time have the conditions met, the system explodes … Despite the presence of valves!

      What I can understand from this is to counteract the fact that machines like the Elevator have a high volume you’ve placed down many Air Compressors? If you have the patience, eventually even with one Air Compressor you can build up to max pressure when connected with whatever machine. The Air Compressor produces 10mL/tick and the Safety Valve Tubes can dissipate a maximum of 50mL/tick (every normal pipe can as a fact). This means that to be safe, you need a Safety Valve tube for every 5 Air Compressors. And if you’re connecting more than 5 on one Pressure Tube, you’ll need to replace those with Advanced Pressure Tubes, they can transport a maximum of 200mL/tick.
      If you could increase the capacity of EVERY machine (…)
      Volume Upgrades are meant for that ;) (I’m not going to make it easy for ye :P).
      (…) and add a valve to all machines that would release the excess pressure when the pressure is too high, it would avoid the system explodes quickly ;)
      Also I’m not going to do that. But a Machine Upgrade that allows a build-in Safety Valve (Safety Valve Upgrade) is a good idea! It will be added soon.
      For forklifts, frames elevator beings should installed via the interface of the forklifts and not raised above …
      Sorry, I don’t understand that comment?
      If I have other comments, I’ll let you know ;)
      Be sure to! Like said earlier, these are the comments developpers can use the most:)

      1. “For forklifts, frames elevator beings should installed via the interface of the forklifts and not raised above …
        Sorry, I don’t understand that comment?”

        I meant that instead of putting part of forklifts over it to change the height of elevation, it would be interesting to add a location in the user interface to add these famous frames ;)

        You follow me or I lost you again ? : D

        1. Ah now I understand :).
          I won’t change that because of the simple fact that I don’t think it will change the gameplay that much.

          1. Maybe, but the visual will be better ;)

            And I’ve a “little” problem with the forklift:

            If I want to get to a stage defined by the level of elevation of the lift, I am forced to jump on the famous forklifts to mount !!!

            Or I must put me on TWO elevators at once !!!!!!!

            Is this link to the game itself or a problem with forklifts ?

            And I can not wait for you so the new version with improved safety valve for machines : p

            In fact, and despite the presence of those many safety valves, pressure rises quickly ! : D

  97. 1. Looking forward for that 0.3.1 update! I’ll set it to 10%. hehe
    2. You are right about the new tool material. But maybe a way to convert the excess of compressed iron ingots back to normal iron ingots? Since you don’t exactly know how many you will get, you always end up with more than you wanted
    4. Oh! I was using a hopper and chest as output. I’ll try just the chest.
    7. It lags only when you click on it to check it’s status. Otherwise it’s normal.
    8. the problem with the upgrade tab is the fact that you can’t read it because it’s clipped off the window. But you said you’re correcting this, so it will be fine.

    Thanks for this mod! I’m really enjoyning myself (except when everything explodes haha)

    1. 1. I’ve just released 0.3.1 :).
      2. Compressed Iron –> Iron conversion? No sorry, I won’t. There are so many uses for Compressed Iron that you’ll never have too much ;).
      4. Uhm, it shouldn’t matter what kind of inventory (chest, hopper, furnace, dispenser, …) is on the output.
      7. I was testing with the Pressure Chamber and you’re right! It does create severe lag when opened! This only happens when the Pressure Chamber is under pressure. I’ll try to have it fixed in the next version.
      8. Yup :) (still not fixed though, but it’s on my ToDo of the next version). Like I said, setting your GUI scale to Large instead of Auto is a workaround for now.

  98. 1. I don’t like that way you need an explosion to obtain compressed iron ingots before you have a compression chamber, we work hard to gather iron and a lot of it disapear in the process.
    2. I’d like for compressed iron to be a new EnumToolMaterial, maybe slightly better than iron.
    3. It’s UNCLEAR why the machines explode. I have not yet learned pressure physics. Maybe you should add an emergency shut down item that you could somehow add to your machine and make it shut down when it was about to explode, thus consuming the shut down item. The player would need to craft another. Anyway, we players need a better explanation on how air pressure works and why it goes wrong. Not all of us are in highschool/college
    4. It’s NOT clear how the pressure chamber interface block works. I can’t output anything. I don’t know how. I figured out how to make the input work together with a hopper but I can’t make the output work at all. The input or output modes should to toggleable (and I think they are inverted in game: when the letter O is showing it’s an input interface, and when the letter I is showing it’s an output interface).
    5. the plants should have uses and maybe they should be on a separate mod.
    6. most the tooltips are clipped outside the screen and the player can’t really comprehend what they’re saying.
    7. when you click the compression chamber, the game lags a big deal, even while using minimal video settings. My PC is not that great, but I can play games like world of warcfrat without any FPS loss. This is probably a bug. Too many calculations per tick. You should try to update it less often or something.
    8. The upgrades need better explanations. (Use the wiki, because the tooltips are unreadable).
    9. It’s a GREAT mod and I’m looking forward to it’s next releases. Besides from Food-Ex and my own little mod, your’s is the only one I find it worthy to have installed. Just fascinating. Keep up the excelent work.

    I hope my critics are not seen as disencouragement. I’m expressing my opionion on what I think should be corrected/added/changeed, from the point of view of a player and a user of your mod.
    I wasn’t able to test everythin yet, those are my opinions on what I was able to craft, since I don’t play creative (took me a long, long time to craft what I did, and when things exploded I felt like crying lol).

    1. Hey Pedro,

      Many thanks for your comment, it is really constructive and these are the comments that are useful for developpers. Here are the answers/explanation:

      1. I thought it was quite realistic to add some loss of material. I could not have implemented loss, and make the recipes which include Compressed Iron Ingots more expensive, and it wouldn’t change anything resourcewise. Also I like the fact that the 10-30% loss urges you to build the pressure chamber. I’ve done some survival test play in a server and I’ve found the Compressed Iron Ingots quite balanced. However for those of you who think that it is underpowered, I’ve added a configuration option to control the loss (and competely disable it). Look for it in the next (0.3.1) version.
      2. Well, a slightly better material I think is quite boring, there are already enough base materials in Vanilla Minecraft I think. However, I’m thinking about adding tools which will have special abilities and act like the Pneumatic Helmet: You can insert upgrades with a right-click.
      3. Teaching the pressure mechanics will be a tough one. I have some rough ideas how to handle that though (don’t expect any solution soon though). I also was thinking about an Auto-Regulate Upgrade, which, when inserted in an Air Compressor, automatically detects its pressure and won’t generate more pressure when a threshold’s reached (basically the same you’d described, some small differences though).
      4. The output side of the Pressure Chamber Interface auto-ejects, which means it will automatically insert items into an adjacent inventory. Also the ‘I’ means it’s the input side, the ‘O’ means it’s the output side. From looking from the outside of the pressure chamber this doesn’t look inverted from what you think it should be: When you see an ‘I” it’s in input mode, when you see a ‘O’ it’s in output mode. And I’ve added the Interface Status tab showing in which mode it is to prevent confusion even more. Here is a picture of a possible set-up (a section of the Pressure Chamber is shown). Hopper is input inventory, chest is output inventory.
      5. The reason why plants didn’t have any use until this point, is because I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep them. Now I think I do want to keep them, so you’ll see some uses for them shortly. This will also result in some recipe changes.
      6. You’re talking about the tooltips in interfaces of all the machines right? When I developped the mod, I referenced my screen to see how I could fit the text in there. However, you’re right that on other screens this isn’t always right. I’ll add in my ToDo list that I add something like an automatic way to properly fit the text in. For now the solution is to change your GUI scale to Large (instead of Auto) in the options.
      7. ??? The Compression Chamber should not generate any significant lag? I haven’t experienced any, and you’re first reporting this.
      8. The information about the upgrades is purposefully just general information, as upgrades (ideally) are used within different implementations. This can cause some confusion yes. That’s why there is an Upgrades tab in each of the machines which can accept upgrades. That hopefully removes the confusion.
      9. Many thanks!

      I don’t take your comment bad, more people should comment like this really! As I said, this gives me things I can work on to improve the mod :).

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