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Post here if you have anything to say about the Sokoban Mod.

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  1. Did you know that there is a whole class dedicated to directions? it is:
    I thought this was sorta cool…. I might have to use this in the future.

    (Side Note: I was trying to be funny earlier… but I forgot Sarcasm doesn’t carry over the internet (and certainly not over text))

    THE FAIL IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE (This One being myself :) )

  2. Saw that there was no comments here, and thought I might as well say something to contribute to this page and to this mod in general. Then I started typing and realized that perhaps I should just rage and say “You should make compressed iron more powerful” or ask questions about things you have no power over like “Why does the AdFly download link time out?”, but no, I think I should ask an even dumber question! So, even though blocks obviously cannot move, “how do you make blocks move?”


    1. In code? Although I have the feeling you already know (as you’ve basically ported the mod to 1.7, which I’m you btw very grateful for that!), I’ll explain the concept:

      When you right click the block, I delete the block, and spawn an Entity, that renders the same as how falling sand is rendered (which also is an Entity). Then, dependant on the side it was right clicked on, it’ll move in that direction, until a timer runs out in the Entity, which is set to the point at which the block has moved exactly one block. When the timer runs out, the Entity looks at which block position it is, places the block, and kills itself.

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