Minesweeper Mod Wiki

Welcome to the Minesweeper Mod wiki. In here you can find information about:
-New players to the game Minesweeper.
-Crafting Recipes
-World Generated structures
To get an impression what this mod is about in general, go to the forum page. Here is a teaser though:

To download the mod, go to the download page.
If you’re curious about how the code of the mod works, or you want me help develop the mod, I’ve got a GitHub repository.

What’s minesweeper?
If you don’t know how the game minesweeper works that’s not a problem. In the mod there is an item called the Tutorial Field Generator. This item, when rightclicked, will generate a minefield under you. After it has been generated, you’ll be guided through the rules and basic tricks minesweeper has. There also is an Advanced Tutorial Generator, for the more advanced players who need tricks to solve even harder minefields. This is not craftable though, it has to be found in Dungeon Chests / Blacksmith Chests.
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Field Generators
Field Generators are items which upon right click spawn a certain amount of minesweeper block under you, forming a minefield. There are many varieties of Field Generators.

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This Field Generated, when rightclicked, spawns a 10×10 grid of a minefield right under you. You can play with this minefield just like the original game. The minefield doesn’t have to be 10×10 though. You can spawn multiple minefields next to eachother . Another possibility is to craft a bigger sized board, by putting four of the small sized Field Generators in a crafting grid (shapeless).
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If that isn’t even big enough, you can craft an even bigger field by putting in four of the just made medium sized Field Generators in a crafting grid (shapeless).
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These recipes are all about easy minefields, which means each minefield has a 1/10 of a chance to be a mine. You can choose more challenging difficulties though. In the following recipes is displayed what each difficulty is all about.
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the Hardcore difficulty is the same as the Hard difficulty, except for the fact that when you hit a bomb, all other bombs in the field also will explode. Beware!
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Each of these difficulties can be increased in size, like the easy difficulty. This gives a total of 3×4=12 different Field Generators. NOTE: You can turn off the ability to craft these Field Generators in the config, if you think this is too OP or to prevent griefing.

“Why would I bother playing with bigger/harder minefields?”
Well, when you’ve found all the mines in a minefield, the minefield degrades, and a reward will fall on the ground. That reward is dependant on the amount of tiles you’ve cleared and on the difficulty you’re playing on (the mine density & hardcore yes/no). 

World Generated Structures
There are four different minesweeper dungeons to find in Minecraftia. All minefields can vary in size (they can be 7×7, 15×15 or anything in between).

The easy difficulty dungeon is found above ground in the Overworld.
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The medium and hard difficulties are found underground. Notice the chiseled surrounded doorways in the hard dungeon.
Medium dungeonPosted Image

Hard dungeon
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The hardcore difficulty dungeon is found in the Nether, very commonly right onto a lava lake.
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More often than not you’ll find Minesweeper Dungeons connecting to each other. It’s possible to find >5 minefields connected to each other. The chance of the minefields branching of is configurable, like the spawnrates of the dungeons.
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A connected minefield.

Mine DetectorPosted Image

Are you also hating the fact that no matter how good you are at Minesweeper, the first click is always russian roulette? This can be over by crafting this item. The Mine Detector will like the name says, detect wether the tile you are right clicking on is a bomb or not. If the tile is a bomb, you’ll hear a beep sound. If it isn’t, you won’t hear anything. This is a one time use item (in survival). If this a too cheaty item for you, you can disable the recipe in the config.

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