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NOTE: This wiki is based on the Minecraft 1.6.4 version of the mod. For an updated wiki download the In-Game Wiki mod!

Welcome to the PneumaticCraft Wiki. Here you can find information about everything this mod has to offer. General information about PneumaticCraft is found on this page. Information about the majority of the mod can be found at the following pages:
-Plastic Plants
-Pressure Tubes
-Air Compressor
-Pressure Chamber
-Air Cannon
-Charging Station & pneumatic items
          -Pneumatic Helmet
-Pneumatic Door
-Vacuum Pump
-Printed Circuit Boards
-Assembly Machines
-Universal Sensor
-Security Station & Hacking
-IndustrialCraft 2 integration
-BuildCraft integration
-ComputerCraft integration
-Aerial Interface (player inventory wrapper)
-Programmer & Puzzle Pieces
-Miscellaneous Machines/Items/Blocks

If you want to see a video about how to use the features in this mod, watch the one and only Direwolf20!
part 1:
part 2:
part 3:

I can recommend using Not Enough Items (NEI) along with this mod, as this mod has extensive functionality concerning the looking up of recipes. You’ll be able to look up Pressure Chamber and Assembly Machine recipes.

Basic Materials
2013-06-08_18.32.46In PneumaticCraft there are no extra ores generated in the ground. To get started, you only need Iron Ingots. You can convert those to Compressed Iron Ingots, which are heavily used in several recipes in PneumaticCraft. To do this, throw your Iron Ingots on the ground, and create an explosion next to it. TNT like the picture shows does the trick, but any other explosion works as well. As a side effect of the explosion you lose 10-30% of your ingots. To prevent this from happening you can also craft Compressed Iron Ingots in a Pressure Chamber. However, to be able to craft the Pressure Chamber itself you need Compressed Iron Ingots.

Pressure Physics
2013-06-08_18.27.58The compressed air in PneumaticCraft is based on real-life pressurized air. Therefore, the air has the following properties:
-Air travels from high pressure to low pressure. Leaving pipes unconnected will cause a giant air leak, which means energy loss! When machines have an air leak, this is visible as you can see smoke particles.
-Air pressure tries to balance. Connecting a small machine to a big air capacity (like a Pressure Chamber) will result in a slow pressure build-up.
pressure gauge-Air pressure applies force on the inner walls of a machine/pipe. Applying too much pressure results in a quick air release, known as an explosion. The pressure on which certain machines explode can be seen as the red area in a pressure gauge from a machine’s user interface. Some will explode right when they hit the red, others will explode when they reach the end of the red, or anywhere in between. This isn’t predictable. When the pressure is in the yellow area this means the pressure isn’t high enough for the machine to operate.

2013-06-08_19.48.41Machine Tabs
Most of the machines in PneumaticCraft have a GUI (Graphical User Interface) which has tabs. Here is a list of the most commonly found tabs:
-Redstone behaviour: In here you can select how a machine responds to redstone or when it should emit redstone.
-Information: The info tab shows (static) information about what the machine is used for.
-Upgrades: In here you can read about the upgrades this machine accepts, and what they do in the machine’s context.
-Pressure Status: Here you can find current pressure the machine is under and the volume of the machine.
-Problems: If the machine doesn’t work, this tab will point you in the right direction about what’s wrong.

Machine Upgrades
Every machine with an inventory has upgrade slots. The only purpose of these slots is to give machines certain extra abilities. These vary for each machine. Information about which upgrades can be used where can be found the upgrade tab (arrow icon) in each user interface.

Ingredients used:
-4x Lapis Lazulli
-4x Compressed Iron Ingot
-1x Air Canister
Yields 1x Machine Upgrade: Volume



Ingredients used:
-4x Lapis Lazulli
-4x Apple
-1x Clock
Yields 1x Machine Upgrade: Item Life




Ingredients used:
-4x Lapis Lazulli
-4x Nether Quarts
-1x Dispenser
Yields 1x Machine Upgrade: Dispenser



Ingredients used:
-4x Lapis Lazulli
-4x Pressure Chamber Wall/Window
-1x Fermented Spider Eye
Yields 1x Machine Upgrade: Block Tracker



Ingredients used:
-4x Lapis Lazulli
-4x Bone
-1x Fermented Spider Eye
Yields 1x Machine Upgrade: Entity Tracker



Ingredients used:
-4x Lapis Lazulli
-4x Potion of Swiftness (30 seconds)
-1x Cake
Yields 1x Machine Upgrade: Speed



Ingredients used:
-4x Lapis Lazulli
-4x Eye of Ender
-1x Golden Carrot
Yields 1x Machine Upgrade: Item Search




Ingredients used:
-4x Lapis Lazulli
-4x Redstone
-1x GPS Tool
Yields 1x Machine Upgrade: Coordinate Tracker



Ingredients used:
-4x Lapis Lazulli
-4x Arrow
-1x Bow
Yields 1x Machine Upgrade: Range



Ingredients used:
-4x Lapis Lazulli
-4x Obsidian
-1x Bed
Yields 1x Machine Upgrade: Security

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