PneumaticCraft Wiki – Air Cannon

2013-06-08_18.29.17The Air Cannon is a device you can use to transport your items quite some distance, through the air. It uses compressed air as propellant. To make this bad boy, you’ll have to do the following crafting:





Cannon Base Recipe
Ingredients used:
-6x Compressed Iron Ingot
-Safety Valve Tube
Yields 1x Cannon Barrel


Stone Base Recipe
Ingredient used:

-4x Stone
-1x Pressure Tube
Yields 1x Stone Base

Air Cannon Recipe

Ingredients  used:

-1x Cannon Barrel
-1x Stone Base
-1x Pressure Tube
-3x Cobblestone Slab
Yields 1x Air Cannon

2013-06-08_20.17.55Ingredients used:
-1x Redstone Torch
-4x Plastic
-1x Glass Pane
-1x Diamond
Yields 1x GPS Tool

2013-06-08_18.29.47Setting a destination coordinate
Place the Air Cannon down in the world. Take a GPS Tool, and right click with it on the block you want the cannon to shoot to. Place this GPS Tool in the GPS slot of the Air Cannon. The cannon will automatically adjust it’s angles to be able to shoot to the given location. You can take out the GPS Tool now if you want, it doen’t need to stay in the cannon. When you’ve build up enough pressure, put items in the cannon slot, and you apply a redstone signal, the cannon will shoot the items to the given coordinate.

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