PneumaticCraft Wiki – Air Compression

In PneumaticCraft there are currently two ways to create compressed air. In this page these two methods are described.


Air Compressor
The Air Compressor is a machine which can produce compressed air. It works on any fuel that works in a regular Furnace.




2013-06-08_18.34.16Ingredients used:
-6x Compressed Iron Ingot
-1x Pressure Tube
-1x Furnace
Yields 1x Air Compressor

When you place an Air Compressor in the world and you right-click it, you’ll see the following GUI:

-The slot in the middle of the Air Compressor is the fuel slot.
-The four other slots are the upgrade slots. For information about which upgrades you can put in the Air Compressor open the upgrade tab (the arrow icon).


Stat Value
Dangerous Pressure 5.0 bar
Critical Pressure 7.0 bar
Volume 2000mL
Production 10mL/tick

ElectrostaticCompressorElectrostatic Compressor
The Electrostatic Compressor is a tier two air compressor, which uses lightning to create it´s air. When it gets struck by lightning it will instantly produce 200000mL of air. Seems a lot, but how often do you see a Charged Creeper sneaking around? You have to have it get struck. To increase the chance of this happening though you can connect Iron Bars to this machine that acts as a conductor for the lightning bolt. Advice would be to create a grid of Iron Bars. When you connect up more Electrostatic Compressors the energy is being divided between them. To prevent a Electrostatic Compressor from blowing up when the pressure gets to high after a lightning impact, you can connect up Iron Bars on the underside of the machine. This way the energy can be redirected to the ground instead of going in the machine. This redirecting only happens when the dangerous pressure of the Electrostatic Compressor has been reached, not sooner.


Ingredients Used
-4x Iron Bar
-1x Printed Circuit Board
-1x Diamond
-1x Turbine Rotor
-1x Advanced Pressure Tube
-1x Air Compressor

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