PneumaticCraft Wiki – BuildCraft compatibility

PneumaticEngineStagesTo convert energy between BuildCraft and PneumaticCraft, PneumaticCraft adds two machines: The Pneumatic Engine, which converts compressed air into BuildCraft’s MJ, and the Kinetic Compressor, which creates compressed air from MJ. For both you can select their efficiency (as server owner) in the config. By default it’s set to 40%.

PneumaticEnginePneumatic Engine
The Pneumatic Engine is like any other BuildCraft engine. But this one runs on compressed air. It starts running from 5 bar, creates more MJ (and uses more air) at higher pressures. These different energy production stages can be seen as the engine color: blue = 4MJ/tick, green = 6MJ/tick, yellow = 8MJ/tick and red = 10MJ/tick. You can rotate it with a BuildCraft Wrench exactly like you would with any other BuildCraft engine.





Ingredients used:
-4x Compressed Iron Ingot
-1x Stone Gear
Yields 1x Compressed Iron Gear




Ingredients used:
-3x Compressed Iron Ingot
-1x Glass
-2x Compressed Iron Gear
-1x Piston
Yields 1x Pneumatic Engine



KineticCompressorKinetic Compressor
The Kinetic Compressor, like said earlier, converts BuildCraft’s MJ into compressed air. It consumes 1 up to 10 MJ/tick. It can’t be powered with a Redstone Engine. It’s rotatable with a BuildCraft Wrench.







RecipeKineticCompressorIngredients used:
-2x Gate
-1x Gold Gear
-2x Printed Circuit Board
-1x Diamond Kinesis Pipe
-1x Turbine Rotor
-1x Advanced Pressure Tube
-1x Furnace
Yields 1x Kinetic Compressor

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