PneumaticCraft Wiki – Drones

Drones are programmable flying robots. They can perform all sorts of tasks and are quite advanced. The following is a recipe to craft them, but more resources are required.



-4x Turbine Rotor
-1x Printed Circuit Board
Yields 1x Drone


Drones need programming before they’ll do anything. For this you’ll need a Programmer.

Apart from needing to program it, Drones need compressed air. You can charge Drones in a Charging Station. Now, when you place down a programmed and charged Drone, it’ll perform the tasks that have been programmed in.

Several upgrades can be put in the Drone. You can put these in by clicking on the ‘inv.’ button in the Charging Station.
-Speed Upgrade – Per Speed Upgrade inserted, the moving speed of the Drone will increase by 10% of it’s original moving speed. This can stack up to 10 upgrades, meaning 200% speed is the max.
-Dispenser Upgrade – By default the Drone can transfer one stack of items. For every Dispenser Upgrade inserted, the Drone can transfer one additional stack.
-Item Life – With the Item Life Upgrade inserted, the Drone will be able to auto-repair. It will regen health over time. The more upgrades you insert, the stronger the effect.
-Security Upgrade – With one of this upgrade inserted, the Drone will be capable of being immune to liquids. Liquids around the Drone will be removed by the Drone’s forcefield.
-Volume Upgrade – For each upgrade inserted, the Drone’s volume will be increased by 1000mL. This could be used for long travels.

Automatic charging
Drones are smart. When they get low on air they’ll search for a Charging Station with pressure that has a Dispenser Upgrade in it within a radius of 75 blocks from the Drone. This will happen regardless of the currently running program. When found, the Drone will go to this Charging Station and it will stay charging until the Charging Station can’t supply anymore (pressures have equalized). After that the Drone will continue its program.

When the Drone’s air runs out the propellers of the Drone will stop and the Drone falls straight to the ground.

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