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What if you mix PneumaticCraft with the HUD from Iron Man? You get a Pneumatic Helmet. With this helmet you can, provided that the correct upgrades are installed, track entities and certain blocks. Although this armor has a connection with Tony Stark’s toy, it doesn’t mean it’s invincible in any way: The armor has the same protection and durability as an iron helmet. To use upgrades installed in the helmet, you’ll need to charge the helmet in a Charging Station.

While it’s charging, you can insert upgrades by clicking on the button in the Charging Station. A different page pops up, and you can insert upgrades in there.



Ingredients used:
-4x Air Canister
-1x Printed Circuit Board
Yields 1x Pneumatic Helmet (saves charge from Canisters)


For the recipes of the upgrades for the helmet look at the main wiki page.

Some entities have some extra information about them.
Some entities have some extra information about them.

Using the Entity & Block Trackers
To use the Entity & Block Trackers, you’ll have to craft both upgrades and put them in the upgrade slot of the helmet. When you now put your helmet on, these upgrades will be initialized. Ten seconds later you’re ready to go. Any living creatures within a range of 16 blocks will automatically be tracked. When this entity is an aggressive mob and is behind you you’ll get a warning. This allows you to prepare for battle (or escape). The same deal for the Block Tracker, which has a range of 30 blocks. The Block Tracker tracks the following list of blocks, of which some have special information about them when you aim your crosshair at the block:

Aiming at a Chest will reveal its contents.
Aiming at a Chest will reveal its contents.

-Inventories, which show their inventory contents. These contents are sorted alphabetical and stacks are  merged together (1k Cobblestone rather than  16 lines of 64 Cobblestone).
-Mob Spawners, which show the time remaining before another spawn occurs and what mob type the spawner is.
-Silverfish Blocks
-End Portal Frames, which displays if an Ender Eye is inserted or not.
-Tripwire Hooks

As some of these blocks are quite common (chests in a player’s house, Silverfish Blocks in a Fortress), the HUD automatically will stop displaying the label if a certain amount of blocks of a certain type is reached. You’re still able to get information about a tracked block though, by hovering over it with your crosshair.

ItemSearcherItem Search Upgrade
Do you know the problem of trying to find a certain item in your base, which has many many chests? You know you have the item, just not in which chest. Well if you know the problem, this upgrade is made for you. When you insert this item in your Pneumatic Helmet, pressing ‘F’ (by default) will open the GUI shown on the right. It looks much Creative Mode like, though it won’t allow you to spawn in items. You can either browse your way to the item you’re looking for by using the scrollbar, or you can type the item name in the search box, which behaves the same Creative Mode search works. When you’ve found the item, put it in the Target slot. In the example on the right Apples are selected as to be found.

The size of the green glow is dependant on the ratio of found items. The leftmost glow is one Apple lying on the ground. The chest in the middle has one Apple in it, and the chest on the right has 62 Apples in it (and therefore has the biggest glow).

When you now close this GUI, any Apples that are lying on the ground or existing in any inventory (modded/Vanilla) in a range of 16 blocks will get a green glow. The size of this glow is dependant on the ratio of the item at the location and the total found items. Take a look at the picture on the right for an example.

Note that the visibility of the green glow is dependant on whether you have an Entity Tracker and Block Tracker upgrade in your helmet. When you have an Entity Tracker in you are able to search items that are lying on the ground. Having a Block Tracker upgrade in will allow you to search for items that are in inventories.

coordTrackerCoordinate Tracker Upgrade
When you’re making a tunnel from point A to point B (to place cabling for instance) you face the problem of getting your actual position in relation to point B. Normally you would use F3 to look up your coordinates, but that’s over now. With the coordinate tracker in you can select a destination from the options menu (opened by pressing ‘F’ by default) and next time you right click a specific coordinate a box will pop up that is visible through walls, and it will stay there until you move it to another place. When you do this at point B in the example, you can easily see where point B is while digging.

NavigatorCoordinate Tracker Navigation
Another feature of the Coordinate Tracker is it’s ability to pathfind its way to the target. It uses Minecraft’s pathfinding that is used in entities to accomplish this. This is very useful when you’re lost in a cave and want to get out. Just open up the options menu and press “Navigate to surface…”. You can also control how much of the path is displayed by switching between X-ray on/off (on means you can see through walls). The color of the lines/tiles are green when you’re close to the destination and become more red the further you are from the target.

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