PneumaticCraft Wiki – Elevator

ElevatorOverviewThe Elevator is a machine that can be used to vertically transport any entities, whether it be an item, mob, animal or player. You’ll need to place an Elevator Base on the ground, and you can stack multiple on top of eachother. On top of this you can place Elevator Frames, which act as a support for the elevator. Both the amount of Elevator Bases and the amount of Elevator Frames defines how far the Elevator can extend.   To make the elevator work you’ll need pneumatic pressure. When there is, there are two modes the Elevator can operate on.

Redstone mode
A redstone signal (applied to an Elevator Base) will define if the elevator should ascent or descent. A redstone strength of 0 means the Elevator will go to 0% extension, a redstone strength of 15 means it will go to 100% of the maximum height, and anything in between.



Elevator Caller
Elevator Caller blocks attached to the Elevator Frames are used to control the height of the elevator. When you place down an Elevator Frame, It’ll look for an Elevator, and calculates how many floors there are. Floors are defined by other Elevator Callers. Like shown on the picture on the top right of this page, there are four Elevator Callers connected (on four different  height levels), so there are four floors. These floors are displayed as buttons on every connected Elevator Caller, and can be pressed to navigate the Elevator to this floor. When you want to call an Elevator, apply a redstone signal to the Elevator Caller you want the Elevator to go to (see the button in the picture). An Elevator Caller will emit a redstone signal itself when the Elevator has arrived at the floor of the Elevator Caller.

FloorRenameTabRenaming floors
Floors can be renamed. You can do this in the GUI of the Elevator Base. When you rename any floors these names will be saved by floor height, not number. This is an important detail, as this means that if you remove a floor in the middle, the names of higher levels won’t be shifted down. Likewise when you add a floor it will add a name in between.


Ingredients used:
-6x Blue Plastic
-2x Compressed Iron Ingot
-1x Cannon Barrel
Yields 1x Pneumatic Cilinder



Ingredients used:
-4x Grey Plastic
-5x Pneumatic Cilinder
Yields 4x Elevator Base




Ingredients used:
-6x Compressed Iron Ingot
Yields 4x Elevator Frame





Ingredients used:
-4x White Plastic
-4x Brown Plastic
-1x Redstone
Yields 1x Elevator Caller



Stat Value
Minimal Working Pressure 3.0 bar
Dangerous Pressure 5.0 bar
Critical Pressure 7.0 bar
Volume 10000mL
Usage 300mL/tick (when ascending)
Maximum Heigth Whichever is the lowest: 4 x Elevator Bases or 1 x Elevator Frames

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