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AphorismTileAphorism Tiles
On these sign-like blocks you can store theoretically infite amounts of text. When you type the text it will automatically scale in a way that the full text fits on the tile. With this property you could create patterns like shown in the picture. When you place down an Aphorism Tile it defaults to a random splash text (the random text shown at the main menu).




Ingredients used:
-1x Nether Quarts Block
Yields 4x Aphorism Tile



OmnidirectionalHopperOmnidirectional Hopper
This Hopper behaves just like the Vanilla Hopper. However, this Hopper can be oriented in every direction, not just up. On top of that it accepts Machine Upgrades, which can be used to speed up the Hopper. Finally it has a custom hitbox which means you can access other blocks by just pointing your crosshair ‘through’ the Omnidirectional Hopper. Neat!





OmnidirectionalHopperRecipeIngredients Used:
-5x Compressed Iron Ingot
-1x Chest
Yields 1x Omnidirectional Hopper


31 thoughts on “PneumaticCraft Wiki – Miscellaneous”

  1. Hello MineMaarten, i have recently started playing with this mod, and so far, i am loving it!!! especially the elevators and the security station, those pesky thieves wont be getting through any time soon ;) anyhow, i’d love to see some new items added (not sure as to what would be good to add but ya know :P ) and again, i love this mod and it is just amazing all around

    best regards,
    a wanna-be mod maker

  2. Hey there, i was trying o figure out how does the security upgrade work with the pressure chamber in 1.6.4 do i need a extra release valve or does it work on its own. Thanks for the mod

  3. I have tested this mod in Minecraft 1.7.10 with IC2 (Industrial Craft 2) and we found that the IC2 EU (Energy Units) and related wire hookups DO NOT work with the devices in this mod that claim to use IC2 EU.
    For example the “Electric Air Compressor will not accept the IC2 wire nor will the PC (Pneumatic Craft) generator be able to supply the IC2 electrical grid with EU.

    Another bug we noticed was with the compressor tank multi-blocks setups. We can get a 3X3X3 tank but that is all we can get, the claimed 5X5X5 tank does not work in glass, solid or mixed

  4. Since talking bout generators are you planning to add any interaction with the mods that use redflux ? There is no way to interact with them :(

  5. I feel like this mod is missing a steam powered compressor. That would allow for it to tie into railcraft, factorization, and probably others.

  6. Reading about the Electrostatic compressor, I was thinking it would be cool if it could be powered by RotaryCraft’s Van De Graaff generator, which is a machine that produces electrostatic discharges. If it can’t now (as I suspect – I haven’t tried yet), this would be a very cool feature to have, a unique kind of mod synergy.

    1. An interesting thing to note involving the electrostatic generator is the fact that blood magic rituals, bindings, and overall just using the mod summons lightning, usually at multiple bolts at a time.

  7. I’d like to see a lower-level compressor like a bellows. Something that didn’t require compressed iron, but maybe only got to a maximum of 3 bars of pressure. Additionally, it wouldn’t require fuel and would stop as soon as the player stopped right-clicking it. It would be similar to the quartz grinder so often used as an early macerator.

    Also a tutorial book would be great. It’s a great mod, but there’s nothing to point new players in it’s direction.

    1. I realize that PneumaticCraft atm is a middle to high tier mod. Something like you’re saying might be a way to fill in the ‘low tier gap’. I might consider it, but I probably end up adding machines that just require a very low amount of compressed iron, but are still on the 5 bar tier, as the Air Compressor currently is quite low tier by itself already.

      I won’t add a tutorial book, I’ll implement my IGW-Mod instead, which I still need to take a look at.

  8. I know that this has been asked before and that it is not your highest priority, but do you know when you plan on implanting multiblock elevators?

  9. Hi! Nice modpack but I was just have a small question. Is there a way to put the pressure tubes inside walls?whenI try to use facades or microblocks it is not working

    1. In the Minecraft 1.6.4 versions of the mod this isn’t possible. However, pressure tubes are compatible with ForgeMultipart in the Minecraft 1.7.2 versions of the mod :)

  10. Could it be possible to have the PCB etching done more realistically? In real life you would throw a PCB you’re etching into a plastic tray or a proper etching machine which has a conveyor system, usually either holding onto the edges of the PCB and leading it through a flexible chain, or rubber belts in the machine leading an edge of the PCB through the etchant and rinse steps, to do it for an industrial setup, not on the ground where the etchant could soak into the surrounding ground. Since pneumaticcraft already adds a lot of plastics it would be ideal to use the pressure chamber to either make a composite plastic or to make certain composite plastics in a crafting table. Also, if you’re etching a PCB, you need to make a timer unit that can be used to more accurately time the amount needed for a PCB to complete etching!

    1. More realistically? The way you describe sounds industrial. However, if you’d make PCB’s as a hobbyist, this is the way you would do it. Off course it would be a tank instead of just a hole, but still.

      A PCB timer? As the UV Lightbox –> Etching acid is a lower tier of making PCB’s, this has it’s (intended) restrictions. I like to keep it that way :P.

      1. I think the tray idea was what I was trying to say. As for the etchant on the ground, that’s pollution in Minecraft! There’s already enough of that so I was hoping you’d use the tray as an alternative, even if it has to remain in the user’s hotbar whilst working, it could remain slow like it is now.

        Then again, I’m not really a fan of anything that takes longer to grow than plant stages on Minecraft farmland. It’s just that I don’t have an infinite amount of time so therefore cannot “hurry up and wait”. If I want something in a mod, I want it to be at least semi-automated so I can go and actually do something while waiting for the first few basic parts needed for some more complicated higher tier items.

        I therefore really am more in favor of mods that are not horribly complicated to get up and running if their basic parts are relatively easy to come by. Smooth flowing part building is better for me than having to wait long amounts of time and checking things a lot. I’m a Minecraft survivalist, not a mother hen! ;) If I wanted to go clucky over a mod I’d go put feathers and a beak on! :)

  11. Really nice mod MineMarteen, could you make it so you can make a 2×2 elevator? It would be really cool if you could make that option avaiable, so we could make really realistic builds

  12. MineMaarten i love your mod. As im educated in this field so it lies all very natural for me.

    Could you allow Universal Pipes to interact with your Buildcraft/IC2 blocks? Or alternative create a block for UE power. (I prefer ue power, more natural)

    Another nice detail could be Multiblock elevator. Meaning instead of just hight you could also adjust so its a 2×2 elevator. I havent tested yet but does it allow chests to be placed on it? Or nice one would be rails :)

    1. Hey,

      Nice to hear a nice comment from someone that is educated in this :D.

      About the Universal Electricity, I should add a PneumaticCraft < --> UE converter don’t I… Added to the to-do. I haven’t added something similar before, because, tbh, I haven’t played much with UE yet…

      A multiblock Elevator is a good idea (and more people requested it :P). Although I think it would be very cool, it also would be complicated for me to code, as the Elevator code already is pretty complicated and big (because of the vertical multiblock behaviour and Elevator Callers). However, I’ll look at it at some point (not soon though I’m afraid).

      The Elevators can’t move blocks, and they never will I’m afraid. If you want to move blocks, use the new Drones :).

  13. i was thinking that its really hard to get air that is really high pressure so you should add like a large air compressor so its easy to get like 20 bar other than that i love the elevators iv never seen any thing like it with minecraft physics

    1. I agree there need to be more tier two compressors, and there need to be more different compressors in general. I agree that the Electrostatic Compressor isn’t the most reliable source of energy, so for a reliable source of high pressure air you now need IC2 (Electric Compressor) or Buildcraft (Kinetic Compressor).

      The reason why I’m waiting so long with adding in more compressors is because I try to add compressors that are based on an other form of energy than other technical mods already have implemented (solar, geothermal, oil, biofuel). I have some ideas already, but more are welcome :).

      1. How about a geothermal generator of some sort? A more realistic one than the lava-powered ones you get in other mods, where you actually have to pump water down deep into the world to heat it up to drive stuff.

        1. When I read the first I line I thought, I’m not sure, as it feels it’s overdone. Though reading the next line made it interesting :).

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