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This is a Pressure Chamber. This multi-block structure is mainly used to compress various materials into others. To build a valid Pressure Chamber you have to make a hollow cube out of Pressure Chamber Walls/Windows. The size of the cube can vary from 3x3x3 to 5x5x5. It doesn’t matter whether you use walls or windows. Next you need to make one hole where you place your Pressure Chamber Valve. The Valve has to connect to the air blocks in the Pressure Chamber. You need at least one Valve per Pressure Chamber, but you can add more. When you’ve successfully build the Pressure Chamber, you’ll be able to open the interface of the Pressure Chamber when you right-click any block of it, which looks like this:



Ingredients  used:

-8x Compressed Iron Ingot
Yields 4x Pressure Chamber Wall




Ingredients  used:

-8x Compressed Iron Ingot
-1x Glass
Yields 4x Pressure Chamber Window




Ingredients  used:
-8x Compressed Iron Ingot
-1x Pressure Tube
Yields 4x Pressure Chamber Valve




Ingredients  used:
-6x Compressed Iron Ingot
-2x Pneumatic Cilinder
-1x Hopper
Yields 4x Pressure Chamber Interface


Compressing Items
2013-06-08_19.48.41Every time you are going to compress items, you’ll have to break the Pressure Chamber for a moment to put items in (unless you’re using the Pressure Chamber Interface). This means any pressurized air stored will be lost. To be compressed items can be thrown in the Pressure Chamber. If the items are blocks, you can also place them in the chamber.
2013-06-08_19.49.25When you’ve done this, you reform the Pressure Chamber. Now if you open the user interface, you’ll see something like shown on the upper picture. The pressure gauge has a yellow area, meaning the machine only will compress when it hits the green. In the problems tab you can find the exact pressure you need to compress the materials you’ve put in. To build up pressure, you can direct air through the Valve(s), like shown on the bottom picture.



An Pressure Chamber Interface opening it's input valve
An Pressure Chamber Interface opening it’s input valve

Pressure Chamber Interface
This special Pressure Chamber block can be used to automate the compression of items. This can be done with Hoppers or with a techmod of your choice (like Buildcraft). To do this place a Pressure Chamber Interface like you would place a Pressure Chamber Valve: It has to be orientated right and has to touch an air block of the Pressure Chamber. The Interface has two modes: Export Mode, which means it will export items out of the Pressure Chamber, and Import Mode, which means it will import items into the Pressure Chamber. You can determine in which mode it will operate by how you place the Interface. If you place it with the ‘I’ (Inport) on the outside of the Pressure Chamber, it’s in import mode. Likewise having the ‘O’ (Output) on the outside will put the Interface in Export mode.

Interface Filters
There are several ways to select which items should be imported/exported in/out an Interface. You can switch between them by clicking on the button in the Filter tab. Here are all the different filters:
2013-07-21_20.24.01-Item, sorts on item. Only items which are the same as the items in this filter are allowed to pass through.  Leaving the filter empty will allow the Interface to import/export any item.



-Item Name* contains ‘x’, when an item name contains a certain word the item is allowed to go through. If you want to, for example, extract all ingots, you can do this by filling in ‘ingot’ in the textbox. Every item with the word ‘ingot’ in it will be exported/imported. 

2013-07-21_20.23.46-Item Name* begins with ‘x’, when an item name begins with a certain word the item is allowed to go through. With this, you could sort items alphabetically. If you want to extract items beginning with an ‘a’ only, fill in ‘a’ in the textbox.

2013-07-21_20.23.51-Creative Tab, The item only will be allowed to go through when it can be found in the Creative Tab set in the Interface. If you want to extract all tools (but nothing more) you can set the creative tab to ‘Tools’, as all Vanilla tools can be found in that creative tab. Note that this filter is only available in SSP!

*)Note: Item names are language setting dependant. When playing on a server the server’s language is decisive.


Pressure Chamber Recipes





Ingredients used:
-8x Block of Coal
Yields 1x diamond.







Ingredients used:
-1x Iron Ingot
Yields 1x Compressed Iron Ingot.
This is the non-loss way to create Compressed Iron Ingots.






Ingredients used:
-1x Block of Iron
Yields 1x Block of Compressed Iron.





Ingredients used:
-2x Redstone
-1x Gold Ingot
Yields 1x Turbine Blade






Ingredients used:
-1x any Plastic Plant Seed
Yields 1x Plastic (of the color of the seed used)







Ingredients used:
-2x Spider Eye
-2x Rotten Flesh
-2x Green Plastic
-2x Gunpowder
-1x Water Bucket
Yields 1x Etching Acid Bucket





Ingredients used:
-1x Green Plastic
-1x Compressed Iron Ingot
Yields 1x Empty PCB (0% Etching success)






Ingredients used:
-1x Black Plastic
-1x Compressed Iron Ingot
-1x Redstone
Yields 1x Transistor







Ingredients used:
-1x Cyan Plastic
-1x Compressed Iron Ingot
-1x Redstone
Yields 1x Capacitor




mechanic Recipe
Ingredients used:
-1x Any villager
Yields Mechanic (Villager type). This technical PneumaticCraft villager will trade PCB Blueprints and Assembly Programs. Don’t compress too long, compressed Mechanics can’t trade!




Ingredients used:
-1x Any enchanted item
-1x Book
Yields enchanted item minus one  random enchant + Enchanted Book with enchant extracted from the item.


Air Tank
2013-06-08_19.46.07You can also use the Pressure Chamber as compressed air storage. For every air block inside the Pressure Chamber 16000mL gets added to the Pressure Chamber’s volume. To see your Pressure Chamber’s volume, open the Pressure status tab in the user interface, shown on the picture on the right.



Stat Value
Dangerous Pressure 5.0 bar
Critical Pressure 7.0 bar
Minimum Working Pressure Recipe dependant
Minimum Size 3x3x3
Maximum Size 5x5x5
Volume Valve 1000mL
Volume Air Block 16000mL

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