PneumaticCraft Wiki – Vacuum Pump

Note the negative pressure on the right.
Note the negative pressure on the right.

The vacuum pump is a machine used to create…. a vacuum. To do this the machine consumes pressurized air. The set-up is displayed in the picture on the right. Positive (pressurized air) pressure should be applied on the ‘+’ tube of the Vacuum pump. Then when the minimal working pressure is reached, the Vacuum Pump starts pumping and the pressure on ┬áthe ‘-’ tube will drop. When -1.0 bar is reached, which means no air is existing in the network anymore, the Vacuum Pump will automatically stop running.


Ingredients used
-3x Turbine Blade
-1x Compressed Iron Ingot
Yields 1x Turbine Rotor




Ingredients used
-2x Pressure Gauge
-2x Turbine Rotor
-2x Pressure Tube
-3x Cobblestone Slab
Yields 1x Vacuum Pump



Stat Value
Dangerous Pressure 5.0 bar
Critical Pressure 7.0 bar
Minimum Working Pressure 2.0 bar
Volume 2000mL (for both the vacuum and input tank)
Usage 10mL/tick
Production -2mL/tick

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