Sokoban Mod Wiki

Welcome to the Sokoban Mod wiki. In here you can find information about:
-What’s this mod is about
-Crafting Recipes
-World Generated structures

You can contribute to the mod as well and add your own levels. To do this, visit this page.

This is Sokoban. The goal of the game is quite simple: Push boxes around in a level until they are at their destination.

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Even in the standard 2D Sokoban the possibilities are almost infinite. Imagine the 3D aspect of it in Minecraft!

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If you’re curious about how the code of the mod works, or you want me help develop the mod, I’ve got a GitHub repository.

To start playing with this mod, craft the following item:
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With this item you now can generate the very first level, tutoring you through the rules of Sokoban. To do so, face in the direction you want the level to be generated, and rightclick. To help you placing the level exactly where you want, the level boundaries are previewed in the world by the Level Generator. It even generates a fancy animation:). If the lines are green, you can right-click. If they are red, another level is occupying the space you are trying to place your level in.

Able to generate the level:
Posted Image

Unable to generate the level (level in the background is occupying the space):
Posted Image

When you’ve generated the level, start playing with the ‘Target Box’, and find out what you can and can’t do. If you’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve made a mistake, you can restart by breaking the Target Box. The whole level will disappear and the Target Box you’ve broken will leave the level generator of the current level behind (only tutorial levels are going to have a 100% drop rate).

When you’ve completed a level, a block called the ‘Loot Generator’ (the checkmarked block) will drop a generator of the next tutorial level. *It also drops an ‘Achievement Orb’, which behaves exactly like an XP orb does (it travels towards the nearest player). When picked up, this orb gives you an achievement of the completed level. Remove the level you’ve just completed by breaking a Target Box.

*) Achievements temporarily removed due to an (yet) unsolvable bug.

Currently, 11 levels exist. Six of them are tutorial levels. The other five levels are ‘easy’ levels, and can be found in the world, as they are generated along with the world. The spawnrates are configurable. If you solve a not-tutorial level, you get rewards, dependant on the level you’ve cleared. This rewards include level generators for other levels…


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